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March 2023 - GPRS was featured in ENR (Engineering News-Record). Written by Jeff Yoders, the article focuses on SiteMap, a single repository where users can upload as-builts and permits, CAD files and more.

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November 2022: TruePoint Laser Scanning featured in WTOL 11 News. TruePoint Laser Scanning has partnered with L.A. company The Famous Group to create 3D-generated graphics for fans to experience at home and at the sporting events.

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September 2022: TruePoint Laser Scanning featured in WTOL 11 News for projects combining fantasy and reality to create immersive 3D graphics for fans. Projects span more than just football. They have also used their technology at baseball stadiums, soccer fields, golf courses, racetracks and video games.

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August 2022: When football fans tune in this season to watch their favorite teams play, and marvel at the amazing 3D mixed reality graphics that leap off the field and onto their screens, they won’t realize that TruePoint Laser Scanning played a part in their enhanced fan experience.

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The Players Championship: The PGA introduced a mixed reality experience for the first time in a golf broadcast. NBC, partnering with The Famous Group, brought to life a golden golfer trophy to showcase some of the most iconic shots on TPC Sawgrass’ 17th hole.

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June 6, 2022 – Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has acquired TruePoint Laser Scanning. TruePoint Laser Scanning is a leading provider of 3D laser scanning services to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

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Lidar News: This is a story from the current TruePoint Laser Scanning e-newsletter on documenting the Rocket Mortgage Field House in 3D. A LOD 200 Revit model was created to export an FBX file used in animation software.

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Unreal Engine: To bring the panther to life, TruePoint did a full 3D scan of the stadium and panther statue outside it. This provided a scale model of the panther and all the physical elements with which it would interact.

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Verified Market Reports 2021: TruePoint 3D Laser Scanning is named top player. The report on the 3D Laser Scanning Services Market is derived from intense research, conducted by a team of industry professionals.

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  • Construction Citizen Blog Post: TruePoint Laser Scanning provided laser scanning services to capture the existing conditions of the concrete pool deck before the waterproofing and pavers were installed.
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MarketQuest Market Research Report 2021: TruePoint 3D Laser Scanning is named as a top player in the 3D laser scanning services market. MarketQuest is a leading global Market Research agency.

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Lidar News Blog Post: A doctor's office needed a colorized, accurate 3D data set, which would reflect all architectural and structural elements, as well as the floor plan as it was actually built for on-going facility maintenance.

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National Geographic Article: Archaeologists discover mysterious monument hidden in plain sight. Thank you to Tom Clynes for allowing us to republish this article on 3D laser scanning discovering an ancient monument in Tikal.

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Hexagon Geosystems The High Definition Surveyor Blog Post: TruePoint Laser Scanning is a fast-growing Ohio-licensed engineering firm that provides 3D laser scanning services to some of the biggest companies in the US.

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GIM International News Article : NavVis has launched the NavVis IVION Core reality capture platform designed to manage 3D scan data. Aaron Hunt, TruePoint's Lead Technical Manager is featured in this article.

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Hexagon Geosystems Blog Post: TruePoint’s engineering team brings clarity and resolution to advanced engineering projects, helping clients plan more thoroughly for upcoming work.

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Data Bridge Market Research: The 3D scanner market is projecting huge growth by 2027 due to increasing need to capture large volumes of 3D data for modeling and analysis.

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Lidar News Feature: 3D laser scanning expedites the installation of ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels to the canopy of a newly constructed airport terminal.

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Orbis Market Reports: TruePoint Laser Scanning, LLC, has growth potential during this COVID 19 outbreak. The Global 3D Laser Scanning Services Market is highly concentrated as there are only a few leading players in the market.

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Zeal Insider: The pandemic has caused a need for companies to understand spaces virtually. Sharing data through 3D laser scanning has become necessary in design, engineering and construction.

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Lidar News Feature: 3D Laser Scanning Supports Pharma Plant Upgrades. TruePoint provided laser scanning services to collect point cloud data on four levels and generate a 3D model for the client.

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Leica Geosystems: 3D laser scan technology provides essential ingredient for food processing sustainability. Because laser scanning captures all data from a distance, it can even be used while production lines are in full operation.

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Grand View Market Research Report 2020 has released a new detailed report on the Global 3D Laser Scanning Services Market. TruePoint Laser Scanning was named one of the top 3 key players in this report.

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The Laconia Daily Sun: 3D laser scanning was used to create a 3DSMAX mesh model of an American Indian head sculpture in Laconia, New Hampshire. 3D laser scan technology will help save this important piece of history for Laconia.

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AEC Industry Report June 2020 Sponsored by ClearEdge3D: A Report on Floor Flatness and Levelness In Modern Construction. For FF/FL compliance, laser scanning has several advantages over mechanical measurement.

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Orbis Market Report 2020: TruePoint was listed as one of the Top 3 Players in 3D Laser Scanning Services. Engineering, technology and innovation is at the forefront of what we do here at TruePoint.

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Data Bridge Market Research 2020: TruePoint Laser Scanning is a major industry competitor in the 3D laser scanner market according to a recent Data Bridge Market Research press release.

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LP Information 2020: Our success in 3d laser scanning is not by chance, it's a result of our dedicated team who are experts at assessing job sites and offering solutions to achieve project objectives.

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Lidar News Feature: Laser scanning is an ideal technology for BIM due to its efficiency, accuracy, and level of detail. Laser scanning documents as-built conditions and proves to be invaluable in facility modifications.


Lidar News Feature: TruePoint 3D laser scanned the Kennedy Space Center. They were installing new ductile piping spanning from the mechanical room under Launch Pad B up to the pad surface where they terminate.


Construction Dive: Tech 101: Laser Scanning. Reality capture data models can be made from 3D scans, laser scans, drone photographs and 360-degree photographs.


LP Information Research Report 2019: TruePoint was listed as one of the top 3 companies providing 3D laser scanning and scan to BIM services.


Global 3D Laser Scanning Services Market 2019: TruePoint has been named as one of the top companies according to Market Insights Reports.


Multi-Housing News: 3D laser scanning uses lasers to digitally capture the physical shape and size of a room with incredible 2-4" millimeter precision.


Area Development: Data captured through laser scanning of your existing food processing facility can help with buildout of a new or customized operation.


Choctaw Academy: TruePoint performed 3D laser scanning services to historically document the existing conditions of the Choctaw Academy near Georgetown, Kentucky.


Construction Dive: 3D scanners document the existing conditions of a jobsite to a high degree of accuracy and reduce the chance of fabrication errors for a more efficient project timeline.


Philadelphia Business Journal: Laser scanning has been adopted over the past several years and is now a well-established method of achieving many field measurement goals.


Lidar News Feature: TruePoint performed 3D laser scanning services for the as-built documentation of two historical homes and a Four Diamond Hotel in Laredo, Texas.


ClearEdge 3D Industry Report: Oh, Crap! Ten of the worst construction blunders and how your company can avoid them. Learn from past mistakes to avoid construction blunders of your own.


Oil & Gas Tank Inspection: TruePoint offers tank inspection solutions with 3D laser scanning technology and deliverables that ultimately increase productivity, reduce costs and offer better safety for oil and gas companies.


Engineering News PanARMENIAN.Net: New laser scanning technology is being used to “weigh” trees, in a project which could help more accurately assess the role forests can play in tackling climate change.


Tech Employment Trends In The AEC Industry: As the AEC industry adopts new technologies at an accelerating pace, not only are old notions changing, but the industry is emerging as a frontier for some of the most exciting technology.


NBC24 News: TruePoint performed 3D laser scanning services to aid in the transformation of the former Seagate Hotel in downtown Toledo into a new 200-room hotel. 30,000 square feet of space was captured.


Toledo Blade: Lucas County officials are collaborating with a local hotel industry developer for a nearly $30 million investment to transform the former Seagate Hotel in downtown Toledo into a new 200-room hotel.


Leica Geosystems: 3D laser scanning helps avert clashes in a power plant. The plant's as-is conditions would need to be captured with a high level of precision to pre-plan a flawless installation, fabricate the system, and ward off potential clashes with current structures.


Research and Markets: TruePoint has been identified as a key player in the US 3D laser scanning market. The key factors driving the growth of the 3D scanner market include the rising need to capture large volumes of 3D data for modeling and analysis.


Institutional Real Estate: Building information modeling (BIM) is the most important technological breakthrough you have never heard of. Ultimately, BIM information can be handed to the contractors, to drive the construction process.


Messer Build Ohio Award: Laser scanning not only saved the owner a significant amount of money from the very beginning, but also set the team along the path of transforming this mess of a structure into first a safe, and then iconic building.


Leica GeoSystems: How to document your plant in days instead of weeks with 3D laser scanning. If you don’t have your plant well documented with a detailed visual representation, it may require a lengthy, costly investigation to answer critical questions.


Dis-Tran Substation Video: Many substations are reaching the age of needing repairs or modifications to stay current with today's energy demands. TruePoint uses laser scan technology to capture point cloud data of existing brownfield structures with great precision.


NEWS.KGNU.ORG: TruePoint 3D laser scan the trunk and limbs of an existing tree in Boulder. Architecture students at the University of Colorado used laser scan technology to design TREExOFFICE, an outdoor workspace built around an American Linden tree on campus.


Wave 3 News: Louisville Water Company was 3D laser scanned before historic pieces were removed from the façade. The client wanted accurate documentation of the building façade so that when they are ready to re-construct it, they know exactly how it goes back together.


Lidar News: TruePoint provided 3D laser scanning services for the South Dakota State Capitol Building. The client wanted to capture the as-built conditions to document the architectural detail and historic art for restoration should a natural disaster occur.


Lidar News: Laser scanning for engineers will continue to grow at an accelerated rate as more and more firms are repeat users of the technology and are starting to understand its place in their workflow. Firms will find more technical uses for laser scan technology.


Construction Dive: Laser scanning, you might have seen the term pop up on your surveyor's business card or referenced in the feature notes of your latest BIM software releases. It sounds intriguing, but it's really only for the big guys, right? According to industry experts, that isn't the case.


First Toledo Local: TruePoint Laser Scanning is a company built on the power of 3D laser scanning. Its scanners utilize lasers to take measurements of the setting around them—from verification of as built structures to industrial facilities to historical buildings and much more.


Leica GeoSystems: A power plant needed to capture the as-is conditions for pre-planning, fabrication and clash detection for the addition of a new system. Within 3 days of receiving the data, the engineers already found some major clashes with their structural steel, which more than offset the scanning costs.


Lidar Magazine: Typically the scope of the laser scanning effort is different on each project since no two are really the same. As the deliverable changes, your final product might be somewhat of a moving target.