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GPRS has provided 3D laser scanning and modeling services for some of the best-known companies and firms in the United States. Our experience includes laser scanning construction sites, historic buildings, refineries, power plants, manufacturing facilities, airport terminals, water treatment facilities, stadiums, hospitals, universities, statues, monuments and more. A team of in-house scan technicians and engineers work to develop an accurate understanding of the existing conditions and create custom deliverables, ranging from point cloud data to 2D drawings and 3D models.

View our photo gallery below to see the expertise and value that GPRS Laser Scanning can provide. To speak to someone, please contact us today at 419-843-7226 (SCAN) or email We’re currently offering 10-minute presentations – would you like to schedule one? Click here.

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3D Building 10.png

Point Cloud Data


Intensity map point cloud of sewage pumping station. Detroit, Michigan.


Colorized point cloud of historic building. Louisville, Kentucky.


Intensity map point cloud of college football field. Bowling Green, Ohio.

Colorized Point Cloud of Facade & Design Model.jpg

Colorized point cloud of façade and design model combined for new construction verification. Cincinnati, Ohio.

manufacturing facility houston tx.jpg

Manufacturing Facility Production Line. Houston, Texas.

McDonalds 2.jpg

Colorized point cloud of restaurant. Toledo, Ohio.

race track.jpg

Colorized point cloud of the race track façade. Tampa, Florida.

Refinery Scan.jpg

Point cloud overview of Refinery. Point of Rocks, Wyoming.


State Capitol Building Senate Chambers. Pierre, South Dakota.

2D CAD Drawings


3d laser scanning a monument and providing a colorized point cloud, 3d model and plumb analysis for the client.


2D drawing of GPR findings captured by laser scanner and aligned to design model. Chicago, Illinois.

Laser-Scanning-Airport-3 crop.jpg

2D drawing of airport facility with dimensions to prefabricate a ceiling panel system. Columbus, Ohio.

2d window.jpg

2D elevations of window rough openings with point cloud overlay. Detroit, Michigan.

2017-08-01 crop.jpg

2D floor plans of hotel. New York City, New York.

Basement - Main Gallery - West 2 crop.jpg

2D drawing of Water Treatment Facility Main Gallery. Toledo, Ohio.

childrens hospital crop.jpg

2D Plan showing design model variances from as-built. Cincinnati, Ohio.


2D section drawings of grain silos and overhead bridges and conveyors. Saginaw, Michigan.

Notre Dame Stadium - GPRS-TOTAL AREA crop.jpg

Utility site plan of college football stadium. South Bend, Indiana.

NY Building 2.jpg

2D AutoCAD Elevation screenshot of building façade. New York City, New York.

Peninsula 2.jpg

2D drawing of building section. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Structural Framing Plan.jpg

Structural framing plan of sewage pumping station. Detroit, Michigan.

3D BIM and Non-Intelligent Models

Ashland Model.jpg

3D model of Chemical Company, Calvert City, Kentucky.


3D BIM model of historic building. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Chicago Hotel.jpg

3D Revit Model of Hotel Atrium. Chicago, Illinois.

Cincinatti Building.jpg

3D BIM model of interior and exterior building structure for design/build project. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Exterior with materials.jpg

3D Revit model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple. Oak Park, Illinois.


3D Building Information Model (BIM) of historic building. Denver, Colorado.

LA Building Model.jpg

3D Revit model of historic building. New Orleans, Louisiana.


3D wireframe view of interior of power plant. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

LOD300MEP model.jpg

LOD 300 MEP model of sewage pumping station. Detroit, Michigan.

New York Church.jpg

3D Revit model overlaid on top of colorized point cloud showing exterior facade detailing church architecture. New York City, New York.

3D Laser Scanning of Ohio State University Medical Center

3D CAD model of Hospital Mechanical Room. Columbus, Ohio.

Peninsula 1.jpg

3D model of Philadelphia hotel lobby and grand staircase. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

refinery piping.jpg

3D CAD Model of Refinery. Detroit, Michigan.

stark residence 2.jpg

Wire Frame view of 3D BIM Model of Residence. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Water Treatment.jpg

As-built BIM model of water treatment facility. Toledo, Ohio.



TruView site map of city block. Detroit, Michigan.

detroit-grand-scanning-9 - Copy.jpg

Leica TruView of city block. Detroit, Michigan.

Oil Vessel - Copy.jpg

Color photo TruView of the Vapor Recovery Unit at a Fuel Distribution Company. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Peninsula Hotel.jpg

TruView of hotel lobby. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

university-boiler-house-3 - Copy.jpg

Black and white point cloud TruView of boiler system in a Heating Plant. Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Villanova Basektball Arena.jpg

TruView of college basketball arena. Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Site Photos


8 Story High-Rise Structure. Houston, Texas.

Collins Park 3.jpg

120 MGD Water Treatment Facility. Toledo, Ohio.

3D Laser Scanning of Illinois Navy Pier

Navy Pier. Chicago, Illinois.


Transmitter Facility. Jacksonville, Florida.


Power Plant. Ann Arbor, Michigan.


NFL Stadium. Detroit, Michigan.


Airport Facility. Columbus, Ohio.


South Dakota State Capitol Building. Pierre, South Dakota.

unity temple exterior shot.jpg

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple. Oak Park, Illinois.