BIM Model Fly-Through

Fly-Through Samples of Point Clouds and 3D BIM Models

Watch these fly-through videos showcasing samples of point clouds, architectural, structural, and MEP 3D BIM models created by GPRS's team of in-house CAD technicians.

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  • 3D Laser Scanning a School to Develop a 3D BIM Model
  • GPRS Nursing Home As Built

  • 3D BIM Model of a Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
  • 3D BIM Model Flythrough of Gillette Stadium For Mixed Reality Experience

  • NavVis VLX Mobile Mapping Scan Data
  • Navisworks 3D Model of Utility Plant

  • Autodesk InfraWorks Design Model of Downtown Office Space
  • 3D Model of SpaceX Rocket Engine Test Stand

  • 3D Model of 40-acre Chemical Processing Plant
  • 3D Model of Office Building and Distribution Center

  • 3D Colorized Point Cloud of Historic Church
  • Water Treatment Plant Pumping Station

  • Water Treatment Plant Main Pipe Gallery
  • Architectural Entrance of Retail Space Featuring Anchors

  • Water Treatment Plant Animation Featuring Residuals Room & Sludge-Handling Set-Up
  • Pix4D Computer Generated Point Cloud from Drone Flight of Steel Slag Stock Piles

  • 120 MGD Water Treatment Facility
  • Boiler in Mechanical Room Medical Center

  • Water Treatment Plant Filter Pump Room
  • Proposed Landscaping Laid on Top of Structural Steel

  • 3D Data used to Fabricate Ceiling Panels for an Airport Renovation
  • Water Treatment Plant Purification System

  • Water Treatment Plant Chemical Storage Room
  • Water Treatment Plant Storage Tank

  • Colorized Point Cloud of a Theatre
  • Point Cloud of Manufacturing Facility Assembly Line

  • Bank of American Stadium and Panther Statue 3D Model
  • 3D BIM Model Flythrough of Bank of American Stadium

  • 3D Laser Scanning Manufacturing Facility
  • 3D Revit Model of Nevada Water Treatment Plant

  • 3D Revit Model of Nevada Water Treatment Plant
  • 3D Revit Model of Nevada Water Treatment Plant