About TruePoint Laser Scanning

TruePoint Laser Scanning is a highly experienced team of 3D laser scanning professionals who promise to deliver exceptional service for every client. We remain on the front end of technology and use only state-of the art equipment and software.

Our in-house team of engineers and architects work with each client to make their project successful. This team of experts delivers custom and cost-effective solutions for each project.

Here are some of our company highlights:

  • TruePoint is an Ohio-licensed engineering firm with structural, civil and chemical engineers.
  • We offer nationwide service and have worked in many different industries.
  • Our consultative approach ensures you get the right information so you can use it to make informed decisions now and for future projects.
  • Our team of in-house engineers, architects and CAD technicians all have "real world" experience in their respective disciplines and work with point clouds every day to create deliverables that are practical and useful.
  • We can build models to any level of detail.
  • 100% of your project will be completed in-house.
  • We perform hundreds of successful projects every year and are happy to provide references.
  • 3D laser scanning and modeling is our sole business, not just one aspect of it; we are dedicated to providing our clients timely and accurate responses and results.

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USIBD is an organization dedicated to creating standards for building documentation. TruePoint strongly believes in the importance of creating specifications and guidelines for the US construction industry. These established criteria drive quality excellence, improve efficiencies, establish expectations and build credibility. For these reasons, TruePoint is proud to be a member of US Institute of Building Documentation.