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GPRS Laser Scanning is dedicated to delivering the highest quality 3D laser scanning services

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How Can GPRS Laser Scanning Help You?

GPRS is dedicated to delivering the highest quality 3D laser scanning services, using state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and processes.

We have built a team of elite Project Managers that can quickly mobilize to service any location in the United States. Our Project Managers undergo an extensive training program to ensure their competence in terms of laser scanning equipment and field knowledge, to provide accurate as-built data for your project.

We use industry-leading Leica survey-grade laser scanners to capture 2-4 millimeter accurate layout, dimensions, and locations of your project requirements, such as architectural, structural, and MEP features, walls, windows, doors, stairs, roof, railings, exposed columns, beams, equipment, piping, ducts, and more in the form of a point cloud. Data is complete, clean, accurate and well filtered with low range noise.

Point clouds provide powerful and dynamic information for a project. By representing spatial data as a collection of XYZ coordinates, point clouds deliver large datasets that can be mined for information. The visualization and analysis from this data is invaluable for decision making.

At GPRS, our in-house team of CAD technicians transform point clouds into customized deliverables such as 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, 3D mesh models, TruViews, and 3D virtual tours at any level of detail for visualization, analysis, design, construction, renovation, prefabrication, and facility modifications.

Our project team works together to deliver the project requirements -- on time and on budget.

GPRS has provided 3D laser scanning and modeling services for some of the best-known companies in the United States, such as Turner Construction, AECOM, Stantec, Gilbane, Arcadis, Ford, Whiting-Turner, Marathon Oil, Jacobs, Gensler, Perkins&Will, Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, Populous, NASA, Disney, CDM Smith, WSP USA, Brown & Caldwell, and Osborn Engineering, to name a few.

Whether you’re actively embracing 3D laser scanning or on the fence about the technology, GPRS can help you reach your goals. Some clients are relatively new to laser scanning, so we offer comfort and assurance by walking them through the entire process, from pre-planning to final deliverables.

We’re currently offering 10-minute presentations – would you like to schedule one? Click here.

Industries We Serve

  • Engineering

  • Construction
  • Power, Process & Plant
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Architecture
  • Historical Preservation
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Stadiums & Theaters
  • Multimedia & Entertainment
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Virtual Design and Construction

Mission and Vision


GPRS Laser Scanning is dedicated to delivering the highest quality 3D laser scanning services, using state-of-the-art equipment, technology and processes. From conception to completion, we will provide exceptional service and work closely with clients to achieve practical 3D laser scanning solutions for their business.


It is our intent to be the leading 3D laser scanning service in the United States. Our professionals will be in the forefront of new technologies, client-dedicated, and uphold the highest professional standards in the practice of laser scanning, engineering, construction, architecture, and BIM/CAD technology.

3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Laser Building Scanning

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys have never been more accurate than with 3D laser scan technology. 3D laser scanning captures exact building dimensions, locations and layout – information that is crucial to the success of your project. Items are often moved, added or removed from the original plan, making as-builts invaluable for design, construction, renovation and facility modifications.

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3D Laser Scanning LOD 300 Structural/MEP model of a water treatment facility.

3D BIM Modeling

3D BIM models are accurate digital representations of a building or site to facilitate design, construction and operational processes. 3D BIM models provide clients with the ability to break down architectural, structural and MEP building features and see how they fit into a single finalized structure. Users can isolate and alter walls, columns, windows, doors, etc. to support the planning and design needs of any project.

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BIM System

Clash Detection & Prefabrication

3D laser scanning captures as-built site conditions with a high level of precision, helping to identify potential clashes, fabricate components and plan a flawless installation. Information can be shared with other teams to ensure everyone is on the same page and can coordinate their work effectively. This saves time, money and headaches by preventing costly modifications in the field.

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Mixed Reality Development Models

3D laser scanning can be used to create 3D models and 3D mesh files for use in mixed reality, projection mapping and 3D gaming. When generating virtual reality experiences, computer-generated objects must precisely interact with the physical environment. 3D laser scan technology documents real-world environments with millimeter precision and reconstructs them into a dimensionally-accurate 3D digital representation. Assets are delivered in high-detail with texture, the perfect element for stunning visualization applications.

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laser scanning for advanced analysis and calculations

Advanced Analysis and Calculations

We provide custom analysis and calculations with high precision such as dimensional callouts, tank calibration analysis, prefabrication of panels, accident analysis, floor flatness and levelness analysis, deviation analysis, deformation analysis, new construction verification, volume calculations, wall plumb analysis, staircases, elevator shaft analysis and so much more. The data gathered by laser scanning is a powerful tool for solving complex challenges.

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Above and Below Ground Data 3D Scanning

Above and Below Ground Data Capture

The combination of laser scanning and ground penetrating radar captures precise documentation of aboveground existing conditions and subsurface information. Receive clear and understandable findings of structural, MEP and field markings in point cloud data format, 2D site plans and 3D models. Accurate data allows clients to expedite design planning, extract 3D coordinates and measure distances, along with the ability to mark-up and share this with project teams. Receiving critical site information will lower project risks and increase project efficiency.

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Company Highlights

  • 3D laser scanning and modeling is our sole business, not just one aspect of it; we are dedicated to providing timely and accurate deliverables to our clients.
  • Our consultative approach ensures you get the information you need to make informed decisions now and for future projects.
  • We offer nationwide service and can mobilize to any site quickly.
  • Our team of in-house engineers, architects and CAD technicians all have "real world" experience in their respective disciplines and work with point clouds every day to create deliverables that are practical and useful.
  • We build models to any level of detail.
  • Projects are completed in-house.
  • We perform hundreds of successful projects every year and are happy to provide references.

3D Laser Scanning Deliverables

Customized Deliverables for Your Project

  • Point Cloud Data (Raw Data)
  • 2D CAD Drawings
  • 3D Non-Intelligent Models
  • 3D BIM Models
  • 3D Mesh
  • TruView | JetStream Viewer
  • Advanced Analysis and Calculation
  • 3D Virtual Tours

Point Cloud Deliverables

  • Intensity Map Point Cloud
  • Colorized Point Cloud
  • Typically .rcs or .e57 file formats

3D Modeling Options

  • Standard Detail
  • High Detail
  • Very High Detail

Advanced Analysis Deliverables

  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Deformation Analysis
  • Digital Drawings of GPR Markings
  • Floor Flatness Analysis | Contour Mapping
  • New Construction Accuracy Analysis | Comparative Analysis
  • Reconciliation of Clients 2D Design Drawings & 3D Design Models
  • Structural Steel Shape Probability Analysis
  • Template Modeling
  • Volume Calculations
  • Wall Plumb Analysis
  • What are the Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning?

    3D laser scanning collects precise as built survey data to expedite design planning and reduce project costs and change orders.

    Accurate Data Icon

    Accurate Data

    • Precise high-speed as-built documentation.
    • Captures complete structural and MEP features.
    Increases Efficiency Icon

    Increased Efficiency

    • Eliminates site disruption and revisits.
    • Improves project coordination and collaboration.
    Reduced Cost Icon

    Reduced Costs

    • Reduces change orders, delays and costs.
    • Produces accurate design plans from the start.

    Save Time and Money with 3D Laser Scanning

    3D laser scanning offers customized 3D data capture for your project – saving your company time and money. Contact us today to see the expertise and value that GPRS Laser Scanning can provide at Laser@gprsinc.com or call 419-843-7226 (SCAN).

    One-Minute Introduction Video to GPRS 3D Laser Scanning Services

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