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  • "GPRS strives to be the best 3D laser scanning service in the industry. Accurate data and exceptional service are our top priority. Our success is driven by our passion for 3D laser scan technology. " -- Matt Aston, President at GPRS

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How 3D Laser Scanning Building Saves Time - Rudolph Libbe

Aaron Seymour from Rudolph Libbe Inc. explains how GPRS 3D Laser Scanning provides as-built data for an office renovation.

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Seth G. – Sr. Project Engineer

We were extremely impressed with GRPS in your timeliness on responding to our request, to having crew on site to complete the scan, and in your communication with us through the process. The 3D model your team created was outstanding. We were very impressed with the level of detail and quality of the model, the speed in which your team was able to create it, and all aspects of communication during the process.

Salina S. – Designer

I realize you are all about serving the client and with the constant communication and actions I can tell you have a great team.

Jordan K. – Mechanical Designer

Thank you all for your service and support. The data looks fantastic! I can run the data smoothly on both Recap and Navisworks. We had a great experience working with you guys and hope to work with GPRS again in the coming future.

M. Mendoza – Facilities & Construction Services

The services provided by your GPRS team well exceeded our expectations and certainly look forward to any future opportunities to work with your team again.

Austin C. – Sales Manager

We have relied on the services provided by GPRS for a number of years. The level of accuracy and confidence our design packages include start with a great 3D Scan. Essentially, we’ve been able to bring reality into the virtual world, allowing us to make initial design decisions based on real-world data.

Joseph M. – Project Superintendent

I am very happy that your team was expeditious with the scanning and the model creation. My last experience with a different company did not go as smooth and I am glad to have found a reliable company to work with in the future.

Bryan K. – Director Global Sourcing

A big thank you to the entire team at GPRS. Your team was very professional and accommodating. I am sure that we will be using your team’s services again in the near future.

The Famous Group – Mixed Reality Experiences

Thank you for all your hard work, expertise and innovation! We appreciate you. It takes a team to move things forward. Now let’s go out and have some more fun!

Nicole D. – Reliability and Inspection Manager

Would like to thank you for your help to get dimensions off the laser scans. We were within 1/16 inch of where we needed to be… that is how close the scan measurements you gave us.

Chris M. – Senior Project Manager

This has been an outstanding experience, and we definitely want to continue to work with GPRS on future projects. I want to express our satisfaction and thank you all for your work.

Chris L. – Preconstruction Services

Scans are one of the most amazing tools we use right now. At the estimating stage, it's critical. Many details are missed if you only have a 2D drawing. With a laser scan we can visually see complex areas, height differences, and material changes like you’re there in person.

Whenever I do my On-Screen Takeoffs for a project, I have GPRS’s laser scan pulled up on another screen. This scan is a double check of each room as I do my estimate and takeoff. Having a laser scan greatly reduces the number of meetings on-site and time driving to a location to get small details of projects. Before I would have to shuffle through 100s of photos and try to make sense of where they were at. I require this on every job now, especially for projects that are more than 30 minutes away.

We also use laser scan information in owner meetings to discuss my budgets, so they can visualize why some items are in my estimate. As a team we are able to look at any logistical complications that may arise.

Being able to send the laser scan to subcontractors drives down any questionable details on-site. I typically have 1,000 questions on materials, types of fixtures, types of mechanical units, types of panels etc., but this eliminates 95% of those questions. This helps subcontractors to have budgets more in line with the overall end price of a project, so there is less guessing up front.

The architects and engineers love the point cloud from the laser scans. It gives them a visual of any complications that may need to be detailed on the construction documents.

Luke H. – Producer

A massive thank you to you and the rest of the team for turning this around so quickly.

Anders K. – VDC Manager

Thank you for the help on this! The model looks terrific.

Faustino B. – Senior Manager, HVAC Services

You may not realize it, but your quick turnaround on this job has had a huge positive impact on this project. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

S. Knight – President

The project manager onsite was knowledgeable and efficient.

Dan P. – Managing Director/Partner

We entrusted GPRS a couple years ago at the height of the pandemic to fly around the country with zero lead time and scan several NFL stadiums. They are the best in the biz at what they do.

Di G. – Project Architect

The model has been working great so far, the Recap and Revit tips and tricks you showed have been very helpful in getting the best use out of the point cloud files.

Erik R. – Project Manager

Everything went smoothly through the entire process working with GPRS. We are in the process of waiting for materials to be fabricated and shipped to site. Your assistance and technology allowed things to move quickly, smoothly and accurately during our design phase.

Chris D. – Project Manager

This (3D model) looks great! Just reviewed with my engineering team and they were extremely impressed with your work! “Best laser model we have ever received” was their exact words. We will certainly be using your team on future projects. Timeliness, quality and customer service was impeccable.

Vincent M. – Superintendent

Contracting GPRS to do a 3D laser scan has been one of the best project decisions we made. The entire process was quick and accurate. GPRS was incredibly accommodating to our needs. They were able to turn a complex design into a field friendly document. With their help we were able to reduce cost, increase productivity, and deliver the project on time. Working with GPRS has changed the way we field measure, layout and install projects.

Michael T. – Director of Facilities, The Virginia Air and Space Science Center

GPRS Laser Scanning was a great partner to The Virginia Air and Space Science Center. The team at GPRS was open and honest about the pricing and process. I was even happier when I heard they were able to meet an already tight deadline and budget. GPRS had a quick turnaround on deliverables that saved time within the project. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

Juan R. – P.E | Project Manager

I would like to thank you for your great work and let you know that we requested the same 3D laser scanning services on our plants located in Florida and North Carolina.

Andrew W. – Process Engineer

This [elevation map] looks great! Much easier to understand than what we previously had done.

Austin C. – Sales Manager

Our engineering firm has worked with GPRS on several projects with great success. We've found them to work very well with our team and our clients. We've worked with multiple scanning companies over the years and have always been happy with GPRS.

Tom C. – Mechanical Piping Designer

GPRS is #1 on my list and I will recommend you anytime I come across someone needing your service.

Darren H. – Founding Principal

Working with Nathan was tremendous as was the quality of data received.

Jason B. – Senior Piping Designer

Thank you Aaron. We really appreciate everything you have done to help us be more successful!

Jesus R. – Senior Project Manager

All is going well and glad I went with your service. I have another building that needs the same service.

Katrina A. – Senior Project Manager

Karl and Mark were great to work with on site. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the scan.

Eddie P. – Vice President

Your work [on our floor contour mapping] was great.

Adam W. – Director of Engineering

This is pretty intense data, it’s incredible.

Laura H. – Executive Producer

We sincerely appreciate the incredibly hard work, organization and hustle you and your team put in for us this year.

Robert S. – Head of Global Marketing, NavVis

GPRS 3D Laser Scanning is one of the top laser scanning firms in the United States.

Ed C. – Sr. Project Manager

I want to thank you and your crew for the quick response and the ability the perform the scans that we requested at our facility last week.

Justin M. – Mechanical Project Engineer

I just wanted to reach out and say Karl and Mark were great to work with on site. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the scan.

Ryan C. – Project Manager

You exceeded our expectations on the survey and we are happy with the results. We recently bid the improvements project with your data, and the contractor will be starting construction soon.

John M. – Mechanical Engineer

Thank you so much for how quickly you pulled this together for us. Our end goal was to have a full-scale clean 3D surface body of a model that we can import into SolidWorks, pull measurements from, and build models around. The file looks great and will work perfectly.

Matthias R. – Development Engineer

The data looks good. Thanks again for your flexibility in this project.

Felix L. – Technical Project Manager

It has been a very different year, with a lot of strange things influencing projects that normally run smoothly. All the more, I'm happy to have worked with all of you and get projects done. Thank you GPRS for being a great partner.

Jeremiah F. – Technical Director

Thank you very much and we are excited to work with you guys on the next one!

Julie W. – CEO

We appreciate our ongoing partnership. We are fortunate to work with your team.

Patrick G. – BIM/CAD Administrator

GPRS was very responsive and did an excellent job. They were almost too good."

Eric S. – Project Manager

I appreciate the quick turnaround. Many more of our projects in Maryland will be going this route, so I will stay in touch and keep you updated with new projects.

Callie H. – Producer

We are still in awe that we made this thing work with such a crazy turnaround, and are so very grateful for your part in making the first project a success! Here's hoping to many more. Thank you and your team for being the true rock stars of this project!

Rex K. – Project Manager

We do appreciate working with you and the capabilities your equipment brings to the fight.

Jennifer P. – Owner

Our CAD team, that we subcontract in Colorado, have been working with cloud data 3D scans from their other clients for a while now and they have told us that the data that GPRS provided to us from your 3D laser scans at the Elkin, NC project is the BEST DATA that they’ve received from a 3D laser scan company!! Thanks for sending Mark with your best scanner to this project. We could not have created these as-builts without you.

Warren M. – Sr. CAD Specialist

The scan data looks great, performs well and appears to be exactly what we were looking for. We used the scan extensively and it worked well. I appreciate everyone’s work on this project and the attention to details. I intend to bid any jobs coming up to your team. We were very happy with the results and generally working together.

Don T. – Project Manager

Everything has gone well, the scan you guys did was a HUGE help.

Terry R. – Director of Engineering

It was good working with you guys. I can see you have a great team there.

Bill S. – Survey Business Development Manager

So glad we have found you all.

Emilie R. – Senior Associate

We appreciate the services your team provided! Both the point cloud and the JetStream imagery have helped us immensely with developing the Revit model. We would definitely be interested in using your services again.

Brian B. – Technical Lead – R&D

Thank you for the 3D model. You found all of the parts we were looking for with great accuracy. We were very pleased to see you found the “X” brace and the gas pipe under the feeder in your scan images.

Chuck T. – President

The scans were great. I’m a believer. We couldn’t have done this project without it. We will never do a renovation again without a scan so we will be calling you.

Kristin M. – Project Manager

Thank you to the GPRS team for all of the help on this one (re: 3D Revit Model for Mixed Reality experience during Super Bowl 2020). It was super important for everything to line up as accurately as possible (on this huge stage) and your team was excellent again! We really enjoy working with you all and look forward to the next opportunity that comes our way.

Nicole R. -

Regarding the isometric measurement request: "Thanks Aaron (Hunt). Amazing support to us."

David B. – National Sales Manager

I wanted to let you know that you and your team have been great to work with. I have told everyone in my office if we ever need to have something scanned that we will reach out to you guys.

Bradford S. – Mechanical Designer

You did a great job! The Revit model was very useful, it gave us a great starting point to build our design model. The fly-through was just as helpful. Doing a normal field investigation you never seem to get the picture you need. With the fly-through, I can get any angle needed -- not to mention -- having it during a meeting when something comes up clients want to see. We have used other scanning firms for smaller scale projects and haven’t had the same results. You guys were very professional and met every deliverable that was promised, even on the tight schedule. If and when we are doing a project of this scale we will keep you mind.

Andrew H.

Everything was absolutely perfect from my perspective. All data was in a format and clarity of cloud as desired. I’ve modeled the building and utilized the cloud for several potential interferences and discrepancies with the building 2D CAD. Especially grateful for GPRS helping us out.

Curtis K. – Project Architect

The point cloud for (our project) is working out great!

Bob D. – President

We value the work that you do with us and also value the relationship.

Gene Row – Lidar News

Matt Aston, President of GPRS Laser Scanning, LLC has built an impressive team and client list that spans the U.S. They provide 3D laser scanning services in support of the AEC industry and beyond.

Brian C. – Senior Layout Technician

So far everything has been great! I have been very happy with GPRS. I have at least 2 more projects coming up shortly.

Ray S. – Architect

We greatly appreciate GPRS’s willingness to work in tandem with the other trades onsite and schedule their work around construction obstacles.

C. Allred – Project Manager

GPRS has been great to work with. They have a network that can put a technician on the ground wherever we need to. We always get a very high quality clean package.

A. Lefebvre – Total Station Operator

We loved our experience with GPRS! They are very professional, and always get our projects done on time.

Sean K. – Architect

I've spent the last two days diving into the model. It's looking great, thank you for your time.

Dominic D. – Project Manager

I am very satisfied with the services rendered. Mobilization was quick, Nate was very helpful and I believe he delivered a quality product for our project. I would definitely recommend or use your services again.

Matt S. – Senior Engineer

Thank you so much for the modeling. Excellent detail.

Donn G. - Process/Mechanical Department Manager

It’s been a pleasure working with you and your’s nice to know in our busy days, I can simply send you a PO number and the works gets completed without issue.

David S. – Business Leader, Senior Associate

We have been working with the files and as of the latest internal conversations, it sounds like we really like what you've done.

B. Claxton – Senior Layout Technician

Since we were able to get the original point cloud from you that helped tremendously to identify our issues.

Don A. – Executive Vice President, Director of Architecture, Engineering and Technology

Thanks for jumping into this assignment so quickly. What a great and productive trip. You guys work tirelessly, non-stop with all aspects of the setup and execution. Your ability to master the technology is a game changer for us.

K. Grant – Project Engineer

I was very impressed with Zach Jones who scanned for us on the Marietta, Ohio project. He was extremely courteous, well prepared and very good in front of the clients. He went the extra mile to help us get the scanning completed in a tight window. We will definitely use GPRS in the future.

K. Stone – Project Manager

Your service was amazing and we would love to work together again.

William B. – Supervising Plant Designer

This company was very responsive to our needs with very short notice. The scope of work was understood in very short order and the desired laser scanning was delivered to us in record time.

John G. – President and Principal Architect

We have been very pleased with the results of the scanning process. The product has been very useful. And has certainly helped in the development of the project. I would certainly use GPRS again on future projects.

P. Reishus – Project Architect

We are pleased with the point cloud data that you guys provided!

T. McCrate – P.E. | Sr. Structural Engineer

I was impressed with the speed with which Zach finished the scan and the quality and timeliness of the results.

G. McCall – Project Engineer

Thanks for your help. Testing of the world’s largest mining pump is underway.

N. Pellizzari – Architecture and Planning Professional

The point cloud model worked out tremendously well. This was almost the perfect project to use it on due to the various intricacies of the building layout and large differences from floor to floor. Documenting the existing building conditions the usual way would have been extremely difficult.

K. Wallace – Mechanical Integration | Mechanical Engineer

We installed all the prefabrication that was based off your scans and model and just wanted to pass down that everything worked out well.

Joseph G – P.E., Project Manager

Our disciplines have been utilizing the Point Cloud and TruView information and it has been of value. We have discovered a few clashes with our structural steel, which may not have ever been caught, so I feel the service has already paid for itself.

Chris H. – Project Manager

Thus far the cloud and the 2D Drawings have been very helpful to the architect by quickly identifying dimensional discrepancies in the field. The data provided has also allowed our client to have leverage in their discussions with the landlord upon receipt of their theater space.

Steve W. – Mechanical Engineer

GPRS has completed multiple scan jobs for me and is a great resource for the work I do. They are responsive, reasonably priced and do terrific work. Highly recommend them if you need an area scanned.

David D. – Senior Engineer

I've worked with True Point on several projects; from very small to very large, over the past 5-7 years. They not only understand the built world of point clouds and modeling, they understand people, products and processes.

Their "best fit" analysis, and especially, the punctuality of that analysis, is impressive. We had countless instances where "constructability" of conflicting elements required same-day delivery. True Point is like the mailman, they always deliver.

Robert K. – Civil/Structural Discipline Leader

As a regional civil/structural discipline leader for a global glass container manufacturing company, I oversee C/S engineering design on capital investment projects at 17 domestic facilities. Over the last 6-years I have utilized GPRS Laser Scanning, LLC. to improve our data collection effort as well as field document as-built information for our emerging facility management program. They have been a tremendous asset and have taken the time to understand our manufacturing process and specific needs above and beyond just the data collection effort as well as working with us to overcome our internal technology limitations ensuring they deliver useable output beneficial to our multi-discipline design teams.

3D capture has helped my team reduce internal travel cost and on-site time allowing more focus on the design effort versus data collection. This has led to improved project efficiency and reduced construction cost for our region. To date all of my experiences with GPRS have been positive and they have always met specified milestone dates.

Robert W. – Civil/Structural Engineer

I work as a Civil/Structural Engineer at a Fortune 500 company. We have been working with GPRS since 2013 on projects of varying size across the US. They have supplied us with a variety of deliverables including topographic survey drawings of a 40+ acre site, numerous detailed scans of dense manufacturing areas and 3-D models of industrial piping and structures in a variety of file formats to suit our needs.

GPRS always works collaboratively with us to understand the scope of information we are trying to collect in order to accurately quote the field work and modeling required for accurate data capture. On several occasions they have made suggestions to save us money without compromising the results. In my experience GPRS is always on the cutting edge of scanning technology and willing to go above and beyond for the clients. I have not been disappointed by their work and I look forward to continuing to work with them in future.