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GPRS is a leading provider of 3D laser scanning services, providing engineering and construction professionals accurate point cloud data, 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models to expedite design planning, prefabrication, asset management, facility modifications and so much more.

Contact us today to see the expertise and value that GPRS Laser Scanning can provide at or call 419-843-7226 (SCAN). We’re currently offering 10-minute presentations – would you like to schedule one? Click here.

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General Brochures


3D Laser Scanning 1-Page Overview

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3D Laser Scanning 2-Page Brochure


3D Laser Scanning SOQ

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3D Laser Scanning for Concrete Construction

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Before You Scan Guide

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GPRS All Services Brochure


3D Laser Scanning Tri-Fold Brochure

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3D Laser Scanning for All Phases of Construction

Case Studies

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