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3D Laser Scanning for Office Building Renovations

Field verification of an existing building is an incredibly time-consuming process with a huge potential for inaccuracies. By using a 3D laser scanner, you can capture precise as-built data, including all details of the layout and materials, and take the information back to your office for evaluation. Importing all that data directly into CAD/BIM software saves time and expedites design planning.

Location: Maumee, Ohio

Task: A contractor is renovating a 2-story commercial office building for a new tenant.

Project Application: 3D laser scanning captured as-built conditions of the building and the TruePoint design team provided 2D CAD plans and a 3D BIM model for the contractor to review and expedite renovations.


  • No as-built drawings existed for this office building with final specifications and a detailed blueprint of the building and land around it as it actually constructed in the end
  • The contractor needed the existing building documented to plan out the details of the renovation


  • TruePoint 3D laser scanned the 66,000 square foot building with the Leica P50 ScanStation and the RTC360 laser scanners
  • 354 terrestrial laser scans were taken to acquire complete point cloud data and HDR imagery
  • Capturing the building envelope and interior layout will help execute project planning and management for the contractor
  • TruePoint delivered an LGS point cloud file, 2D plan views and a 3D BIM model to the client


  • 3D laser scan data and BIM models accurately represent the existing building, allowing owners and contractors to plan renovation work ahead of time
  • This project was uploaded to Cintoo, an online viewer, to expedite client access to high precision terrestrial laser scans and models on demand in the cloud
  • Working from a single shared file gives all professionals better visibility and more accurate information so everyone can work collaboratively

    How 3D Laser Scanning Building Saves Time - Rudolph Libbe

    Aaron Seymour from Rudolph Libbe Inc. explains how TruePoint Laser Scanning provides as-built data for an office renovation.

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    Client Testimonial About the Value of Laser Scan Data

    Scans are one of the most amazing tools we use right now. At the estimating stage, it's critical. Many details are missed if you only have a 2D drawing. With a laser scan we can visually see complex areas, height differences, and material changes like you’re there in person.

    Whenever I do my on-screen takeoffs for a project, I have TruePoint’s laser scan pulled up on another screen. This scan is a double check of each room as I do my estimate and takeoff. Having a laser scan greatly reduces the number of meetings on-site and time driving to a location to get small details of projects. Before I would have to shuffle through 100s of photos and try to make sense of where they were at.

    I require this on every job now, especially for projects that are more than 30 minutes away. We also use laser scan information in owner meetings to discuss my budgets, so they can visualize why some items are in my estimate. As a team we are able to look at any logistical complications that may arise.

    Being able to send the laser scan to subcontractors drives down any questionable details on-site. I typically have 1,000 questions on materials, types of fixtures, types of mechanical units, types of panels etc., but this eliminates 95% of those questions. This helps subcontractors to have budgets more in line with the overall end price of a project, so there is less guessing up front.

    The architects and engineers love the point cloud from the laser scans. It gives them a visual of any complications that may need to be detailed on the construction documents.

    Chris L. -- Preconstruction Services

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    3D Laser Scanning for Office Building Renovations
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