3D Laser Scanning Supports Pharma Plant Upgrades


December 17, 2020

This is a guest post describing an impressive project from Ryan Hacker and his team at TruePoint.

Location: Social Circle, GA

Project Manager Insight: “The cost of laser scanning and modeling should easily be offset by the cost savings from reduced re-work during the facility renovations.” Andy Foshee, TruePoint Southeast Regional Manager.

Task: A pharmaceutical company was installing some new equipment in various areas of the facility. Existing machinery was being removed, new machinery was being installed and MEP piping was being re-routed throughout the area. TruePoint provided laser scanning services to collect point cloud data on four levels and generate a 3D model for the client. Before starting renovations of this existing facility, the client desired to document existing conditions and plan layout and process flow upgrades.

Challenge: Upgrading existing pharmaceutical manufacturing sites can be challenging. The space available is restricted and bringing in new equipment is sometimes tricky. Our client needed to make several tie-ins and requested a Revit model for planning.

Solution: Using the Leica P50 ScanStation, TruePoint captured structural features, MEP piping and equipment ½ inch and above. An LOD 300 Revit model was requested to ensure more accurate, efficient and cost-effective execution of the project. With planning, the client was able to install the new machinery and re-route piping without any field rework. This also resulted in reduced downtime and significant savings by returning the facility to production quickly.

Deliverable: TruePoint delivered a point cloud .rcp file, JetStream Viewer file and an LOD 300 Revit model to the client. TruePoint’s team of CAD technicians modeled the following details for the client:

  • Pipe – 72,000 linear feet
  • Conduit – 75,000 linear feet
  • Duct – 11,000 linear feet
  • Pipe modeled down to 1/2 inch in diameter.

Added Value: The use of laser scan technology has resulted in accurate and efficient data collection, true as built documentation, cost savings due to improved design accuracy, and improved project visualization and collaboration.


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