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TruePoint Laser Scanning Delivers Scan to BIM

Posted on March 18, 2020 by Lidar News

  • "Based in Ohio, Ryan Hacker, President of TruePoint Laser Scanning, LLC has built an impressive team and client list that spans the U.S. As the company name indicates they provide 3D laser scanning services in support of the AEC industry and beyond."
  • – Gene Row, Lidar News

Laser scanning is an ideal technology for Building Information Modeling (BIM) due to its efficiency, accuracy, and level of detail. Laser scanning accurately documents as-built conditions and proves to be invaluable in facility asset management and modifications. Laser scanning can also be used for reality capture and augmented reality in many aspects of architecture, construction and engineering. TruePoint Laser Scanning has been delivering high quality scan to BIM services for a number of years.

More About BIM

Building Information Modeling is more than just a 3D model. BIM is a process of creating and managing building data throughout the building’s entire life cycle. BIM encompasses not only the geometry and spatial relationships, but also documents features about the building such as the specific information about the type of materials used, the quantity used, and how those characteristics impact the building as a whole. BIM can be thought of as a database of information ranging from project cost management to the “as-built” 3D model after construction on through the operation of the facility which can be used to actively manage the process every step of the way.

Some Benefits of Using BIM Include

  • Being able to more accurately determine job costing, scheduling and building efficiencies
  • Design and pre-construction modeling for visualization purposes, as well as determining potential problems before costly design or construction has taken place (i.e. clash detection)
  • Interoperability amongst all disciplines involved in the building and management of a facility can be updated in real-time
  • Ability to have highly accurate “as-builts” for facility management, future modifications and troubleshooting
  • Facility management to operate and maintain a facility efficiently and cost-effectively

BIM enables architects and engineers alike to work on a single project from anywhere in the world. It condenses a plethora of information about every detail into a workable format. It makes for easier design, simpler coordination between team members and easier structure maintenance across the entire built environment—and this is just the beginning.

One of the leading 3D service providers is TruePoint Laser Scanning. They have earned a national reputation for delivering excellent service in the BIM 3D scanning industry. More than 800 projects are completed every year on time and on budget. Experienced scan technicians collect millions of precise data points for a building or site with industry-leading survey-grade Leica equipment.

TruePoint engineers, architects and CAD Designers/Technicians have mastered the technology for converting 3D laser scanner point clouds into Building Information Modeling (BIM) —ready 3D models to support the planning and design needs of any project. Having precise data helps plan for projects without the expense and worry of unknown interferences and conflicts.

Source: Lidar News