Kennedy Space Center Scanned to Support Upgrades

Posted on October 8, 2019 by Lidar News

  • “We had the amazing opportunity to 3D laser scan Launch Pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center. We are privileged to be working with NASA on this project.”
  • – Andy Foshee, Southeast Regional Manager

Location: Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Task: Our client is installing new ductile piping spanning from the mechanical room under Launch Pad B up to the pad surface where they terminate. They will also be routing overhead piping through the mechanical room, as well as removing and installing new equipment.

Challenge: The client needs fast and accurate as-built documentation of the project areas so that they can effectively plan their piping routes and note any clash points. Understanding exactly where the mechanical room sits below the launch pad surface above is crucial and difficult to determine using any other method. Having this information to determine vertical penetration points can save time and money by determining all of this before fabricating piping and minimizing rework from misaligned pipes and equipment.

Solution: TruePoint 3D Laser Scanning reality captured all project areas. By 3d scanning the proposed areas, a registered point cloud can be produced from which a 3D model can be generated. All of the existing structural features as well as MEP piping and equipment can be built within the 3D model so that the client can use this to better plan for their project.

Deliverable: An LOD 300 Revit model was produced and delivered to the client. The registered point cloud data in an Autodesk Recap .rcs file format along with JetStream viewer files were delivered to the client.

Added Value: Our client will save time and money otherwise spent on countless man hours pulling hand measurements in the field. The deliverable from TruePoint will provide sub centimeter accuracy, and include much more detailed virtual design information than could have been captured in the field by taking hand measurements. Clashes can also be spotted more easily during the design phase of a project before work is started on site, eliminating additional design changes, costs and project delays. Laser scanning offers a perspective of the space that no other technology can – by cutting sections of the point cloud the client can very accurately see how to separate space relate and align to one another.

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Source: Lidar News