3D Laser Scanning for Overhead Clearances

3D Laser Scanning Services Wyoming
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3D Laser Scanning for Overhead Clearances

According to OSHA, nearly 30% of all crane-related accidents result in fatalities due to electric shock or fire from the boom and crane’s contact with energized power lines. Through the use of 3D laser scanning, measuring overhead obstructions is quick, safe, and accurate. Our technicians can calculate the overhead clearance from the ground and do not have to worry about coming into contact with energized power lines. Furthermore, laser technology is more accurate than traditional methods because it looks at thousands of points along the clearance plane, not just a few sample points.

3D Laser Scanning Pricing

The cost of 3D laser scanning can vary widely depending on your project scope. GPRS customizes every quote specific to your project’s needs. GPRS Project Managers use 3D laser scanners to capture every detail of your site, delivering building dimensions, locations, and layout with millimeter accuracy. This can include the aboveground structural, architectural, and MEP features, plus underground utility and concrete markings. Our Mapping & Modeling Team can deliver point clouds, 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, 3D Mesh models, TruViews, and Virtual Tours at any level of detail.

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