Our People

TruePoint has assembled a team of experts specializing solely in 3D laser scanning and modeling. Our team includes structural, civil and chemical engineers, architects and formally trained project managers who work with laser scan technology and point clouds every day. We work closely with every client to create deliverables that are practical and useful. With nationwide service and fast mobilization, we can quickly respond with customized laser scanning solutions for your project.

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Nate Baker

Nathan Baker - Regional Manager, Northeast Region

Hunter Barnes

Hunter Barnes - Project Manager, Midwest Region

Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett - Sales Manager

Jeff Bassett

Jeff Bassett - Administrative Assistant

Jen Britt

Jen Britt - Marketing Manager

Candace Buchholz

Candace Buchholz - Post Processing Technician

Kristin Clark

Kristin Clark - Corporate Accountant

Michelle Colella

Michelle Colella - Post-Processing Technical Manager

Mark Falcone

Mark Falcone - Project Manager

Andy Foshee

Andy Foshee - Regional Manager, Southeast Region

Scott Frissell

Scott Frissell - Post-Processing Technician

Michelle Hacker

Michelle Hacker - Controller

Ryan Hacker

Ryan Hacker - President

Shane Hanahan

Shane Hanahan - Project Manager, Northeast Region

Karl Hofmeister

Karl Hofmeister - Project Manager

Aaron Hunt

Aaron Hunt - SE, PE, Lead Technical Manager

Zach Jones

Zach Jones - Regional Manager, Great Lakes Region

Dan Kollar

Dan Kollar - CAD Technician

Nate Machel

Nate Machel - Chemical Engineer

Rick Rill

Rick Rill - CAD Designer

David Sauceda

David Sauceda - Regional Manager, Texas Region

Dave Schaff

Dave Schaff - Sales Manager; Regional Manager, Mountain Region

Eric Tittle

Eric Tittle - Construction Engineer

Trevor Toney

Trevor Toney - Project Manager

Steve Weldy

Steve Weldy - CAD Designer

Zak-Tyler 3.jpg

Tyler Zak - Project Manager