3d laser scanning distribution center

Leica P40 operating with targets to link individual scans as it progresses down the aisle of shelves.

Case Study: TruePoint Delivers Point Cloud for Distribution Center

Location: Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Task: Our client recently completed an 164,000 square-foot addition to expand its distribution center. The space included a 107,000 square-foot, 120' tall, -10 degree Fahrenheit cold storage facility dense with a rack-supported ASRS and 8 cranes. The ASRS is a warehouse racking, mass-storage solution featuring an automated storage and retrieval system. Our client requested 3D laser scanning services to document the storage and retrieval crane system and track alignment before bringing in inventory of their product. The area of scope was 120 feet above ground and spanned 13 aisles. TruePoint captured point cloud data for the semi-permanently installed racking, shelving, and crane track system located within the building while secondarily capturing other basic architectural elements including floors, ceilings, walls, columns, and doors, etc.

Challenge: Once operational, the facility will utilize high speed, fully-automated cranes to fulfill orders. This fulfillment process requires the shelving, track, and crane to be in sync and be within a certain tolerance and accuracy. The client sought laser scanning services to verify the track alignment and the exact locations of the installed shelving.

Solutions: By doing a series of scans down each aisle and linking them together throughout the building we were able to capture the entirety of the space and shelving 120+ feet above ground floor. TruePoint’s scan technician utilized a Leica P40 ScanStation and captured 494 scans for this project.

Deliverable: TruePoint delivered a fully registered intensity map point cloud to the client. RCS files can be inserted into Autodesk Recap for manipulation of the point cloud data.

Added Value: Obtaining the locations and dimensions for all of the shelving and racking equipment within the facility would be nearly impossible without the use of laser scanning technology. Also, by taking preventative measures to ensure that the shelving equipment has been installed within the necessary tolerances will likely provide substantial time and cost savings down the road.

TruePoint has extensive experience 3D laser scanning manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. For 3D laser scanning services in Pennsylvania, call 215-871-9231 or email philadelphia@truepointscanning.com.


Leica P40 ScanStation capturing scan data of surrounding shelves, track and other structural features.


Image of an ASRS aisle. 3d laser scans were taken of the loading bays and the shelving located above the overhead netting.


Image from one of the crane aisles showing the extent of the shelving systems.


Intensity map point cloud of project scope.


Intensity map point cloud of shelving system.


Intensity map point cloud plan view of project.

ScanLocationPlan-PLAN 20 sm.jpg

PDF of scan location plan provided to client.