Special Applications in 3D Laser Scanning

Some 3D laser scanning projects require special applications due to limitations within the physical setting. Often times this is due to line-of-sight issues, when scanning must be done safely from the ground, or scanning at a precautionary distance. Some examples of these applications would include above-ceiling MEP features in hospitals where it is necessary to maintain negative airflow, interstitial spaces that are highly congested, spiral staircases, equipment in operation or elevator shafts with limited access. We have also 3D laser scanned statues and monuments to create 3D mesh models in STL or OBJ format. Since laser scanning is a non-contact measurement tool (we can scan from a safe distance and location) this becomes a powerful tool for solving these complex challenges.

image 2 v2.png

3d laser scanning a statue to create a 3D mesh model.

buddah statue v2.png

Point cloud data and OBJ mesh of monument.


2D plan view with elevator shaft dimensions.


Point cloud data of elevator shaft as viewed in Autodesk Recap.

Dome-Arch-CAD RCP.png

Capturing high level detail in rotunda.

27502 v3.jpeg

3d laser scanning above ceiling space.

vca staircase 1v2.png

3d laser scanning a spiral staircase.


Elevator shaft arm captures data on existing elevator shafts.


Elevator shaft arm captures data on existing elevator shafts.


Leica P-20 Scanner Inverted to capture below-grade trench detail.


Jib used to invert laser scanner to capture dimensions not accessible utilizing traditional field measurement techniques.


3D Laser Scanner inverted to capture below-grade Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) features.


HDS Scanner on mini-tripod to capture varying heights and line of sight.


3D Laser Scanner Capturing Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) features without leaving the safety of the catwalk.


Leica P-20 capturing Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) features in hospital interstitial space.


Using multiple laser scanners at one time in order to meet tight schedule requirements.


Black and White Recap files of hospital interstitial space.


Recap "normal" view of point cloud to show contrast between material types.


Recap file showing above-ceiling Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) features in hospital.