Point cloud data captured by Denver office.

Case Study: Process Facility Near Denver

Location: Near Denver, Colorado

Task: To scan multiple areas in the process plant in order to capture information regarding the size, location, and space of existing equipment, along with all the structural and MEP features associated with the units. The facility is going through some updates which involve removing old systems and bringing in new equipment. The engineers need to understand how the existing systems were designed and how they fit in the current space in order to determine how they will be removed and where the new systems could be installed.

Challenge: Like most process facilities, the space is complex and congested and the existing drawings are very outdated and unreliable. With the amount of process piping, traditional measurement methods would have been very time consuming, if possible at all. The removal of the existing equipment and the installation of the new system was needed to be done without affecting operation of nearby equipment, therefore accuracy was critical.

Solutions: All of the complex issues of measurements and design were addressed by using 3D laser scanning to capture the as-is conditions of the existing tank and pipe systems. This gave the client the necessary information for designing and building the new units. This also allowed the client to determine the amount of space necessary for the new systems, how they would fit in the space and what potential clashes existed.

Deliverables: TruePoint’s Denver Office was able to provide the client with the point cloud data, for the creation of accurate drawings and model, and TruVeiws which are 3D 360 degree photos.

Added Value: By using laser scanning, the client not only received much more accurate measurements, but the client also saved time and money by not having to send in their own team onsite for weeks of field measurements, which would have included renting lifts and hiring lift operators in order to gain access to the key areas.

If you are in need of as-built documentation, existing condition drawings, or a renovation, 3D Laser Scanning is an extremely accurate and efficient way to gather necessary field data. For project inquiries in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver or surrounding areas, call Dave Schaff with TruePoint at 720.618.1029 or email at

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Denver office captures process piping in scan.