NFL Trivia Answers

Q1. How many players are on the NFL football field at a time for each team?

a) 11*

b) 12

c) 7

d) 10

Q2. How high are NFL goal posts?

a) 11 feet

b) 10 feet 6 inches

c) 9 feet 6 inches

d) 10 feet*

Q3. Who is the all time leading scorer in NFL history?

a) Morten Anderson*

b) Jason Hansen

c) Phil Dawson

d) Adam Vinatieri

Q4. How long is the end zone in the NFL?

a) 10 yards*

b) 8 yards

c) 10.5 yards

d) 11 yards

Q5. Who has the record for the most rushing yards in an NFL regular season?

a) Adrian Peterson

b) Barry Sanders

c) OJ Simpson

d) Eric Dickerson*

Q6. Who has the record for the most rushing yards in an NFL career?

a) Walter Payton

b) Barry Sanders

c) Emmitt Smith*

d) Eric Dickerson

Q7. Which 2 teams came into the NFL in 1995?

a) Titans & Ravens

b) Panthers & Jaguars*

c) Saints & Bengals

d) Texans & Browns

Q8. Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls?

a) Dallas Cowboys

b) San Francisco 49ers

c) Pittsburgh Steelers*

d) New England Patriots

Q9. Which controversial NFL wide receiver wore #81 his whole career and played for 5 teams?

a) Randy Moss

b) Larry Fitzgerald

c) Terrell Owens*

d) Chad Ochocinco

Q10. Which player won the Superbowl MVP a record 3 times?

a) Emmett Smith

b) Joe Montana*

c) Troy Aikman

d) Jerry Rice