Case Study: Laser Scanning Piles of Scrap Metal for Auditing Purposes

Location: Near Cincinnati, Ohio

Task: To laser scan piles of scrap metal for auditing purposes.

Challenge: The client wanted to audit piles of scrap material that they sell to various production facilities to ensure that they are appropriately capturing the volume of material that is changing hands. Traditional methods for doing this are difficult to use due to the size and complexity of the piles.

Solutions: By utilizing TruePoint Laser Scanning, the piles of material could be captured in just one day and from a safe distance. TruePoint was able to measure the material from the ground without having to climb on the piles of scrap.

Deliverables: TruePoint provided a basic drawing generated in AutoCAD Civil 3D with the volumes of the scrap material noted.

Added Value: TruePoint was able to quickly generate point cloud data, allowing our post-field staff to quickly begin generating surfaces within AutoCAD Civil 3D and then perform volume calculations of the scrap metal pile.

For 3D laser scanning of scrap material piles in the Cincinnati region, contact TruePoint at 513-609-7244 or email us at

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Scrap Pile Deliverable