Point Cloud Data with Extracted Pipe Displayed

Case Study: Laser Scanning of Water Membrane Filtration System

Location: Cleveland, Ohio Area

Task: To laser scan a water membrane filtration system, including the tanks, valves, control panels, and associated piping—some of which is as small as a half-inch in diameter.

Challenge: The client needed a detailed 3D Model of the currently installed filtration system which was actively in use and not able to be disrupted. Traditional methods of measurement would have been time-consuming and far less accurate than 3D laser scanning.

Solutions: By utilizing 3D laser scanning, the entire system was captured in just one day. Because laser scanning is a non-contact measurement tool, the filtration system could remain in operation while data was gathered from a safe distance.

Deliverables: TruePoint generated Leica TruViews, allowing the client to perform a “virtual site visit” where they could view dimensionally-accurate panoramic photographs of the site. Additionally, TruePoint provided point cloud data in an Autodesk compatible rcs format and generated an AutoCAD 3D model that included a generic PVC Schedule 80 system information best fit of the point cloud, with valves represented symbolically.

Added Value: TruePoint was able to occupy various positions throughout the room, including an elevated stair landing, allowing for a more complete set of data. Additionally, nearby equipment was also captured, allowing the client to have a complete picture of their installation and how it interacts with other equipment within the existing space.

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Leica P-20 Scanner Capturing Detailed Features of the Water Membrane Filter