Gray scale, Intensity map data from inside the kiln

Case Study: Laser Scanning of Cement Kiln

Location: Near Dallas, Texas

Task: To provide the client with very precise measurements on the interior of a cement kiln inlet area and the kiln inlet transition piece, including the riser. The point cloud was needed to help the client determine the internal volume of the kiln and calculate the flow rate of the cement through the transition.

Challenge: With the client needing such accuracy, traditional measurement methods would be time consuming and possibly inaccurate. The client also only had a few hours until the annual shutdown was over, so they needed quick, accurate and complete data they could work with before and after the area became active since there was no opportunity to go back in and take more measurements in the event a critical measurement was missed.

Solutions: Using our Leica P20 scanner, TruePoint’s Scan Technician was able to capture the information needed in just a couple hours. We were also able to process the data on-site and confirm with the client we had captured the necessary data for them to get the information they needed.

Deliverables: The client needed the point cloud to create a model and calculate distances and the volume of the kiln. Our office of Architects and Engineers were able to clean up the point cloud and provide the client with the file formats they needed.

Added Value: With the importance of accuracy on this project, TruePoint was able to deliver a product with survey grade accuracy (sub-centimeter) in an efficient and safe manor. With TruePoint having a nationwide presence, we were able to be on site, scan the area, and provide the client with a deliverable, all in just a couple of days. Also, the ability for TruePoint to be on site so quickly and provide an accurate deliverable kept the client from needing to extend the shut-down, which could have been very costly.

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Gray scale, Intensity map data from inside the kiln


Point Cloud and Model overlaid and used to calculate volume and flow and to pre-fabricate new parts for the cement kiln