Laser Scanning Manufacturing Facility for Capital Improvement Project

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    A Revit model will expedite design changes and fabrication of equipment to increase production capacity.

    Location: Boston, Massachusetts

    Task: Laser scan a manufacturing facility that is receiving upgrades to three of its lines, to capture point cloud data and generate a 3D Revit Model.


    • A specialty compound manufacturer was upgrading three manufacturing lines at its plant as part of a larger capital improvement plan.
    • The facility was originally built in the 1980s and has expanded several times over the years.
    • Multiple levels in the facility needed scanned at a very high level of detail, capturing structural, architectural, MEP and civil elements, along with a site plan.
    • The following areas required 3D laser scanning services:
    1. On the ground production level, TruePoint captured extruder areas for lines 1-3 and process equipment.
    2. On the mezzanine level, TruePoint captured mixers for each extrusion line.
    3. On the second floor, TruePoint captured blender areas for lines 1-3, process equipment, air handling equipment, and additional rooms.
    4. Outside tank farm and silo farm


    • The facility was 3D laser scanned on the weekend to minimize interruption to the manufacturing lines.
    • 73 scans were performed in one day with the Leica P40 ScanStation and the Leica RTC360 laser scanner, acquiring very high detail and accuracy of the plant.
    • Colorized point cloud, TruView Viewer files, and a Revit model were delivered to the client.


    • 3D laser scanning and a Revit model will expedite design changes and fabrication of equipment to increase production capacity.
    • The investment of laser scanning will reduce the project timeline, minimize downtime and change orders -- providing cost savings for the client.
    • This client is pioneering innovation in its industry -- upgrading the lines with updated extruders will increase capacity for long-term growth while minimizing stoppages, set-up times and scrap material.

      View the 3D Revit Model TruePoint created for the manufacturing facility.

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        Laser Scanning Images for Manufacturing Facility Capital Improvement Project

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        3D BIM Model
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