The Leica P-series ScanStation captures intricate details of the complex piping with 3D laser scans.

Case Study: Efficient and Safe Site Capture with 3D Scanning

  • Time is money in the oil business, but safety is always a top concern. Obtaining 3D laser scans from TruePoint will keep your project safely on track." - David Sauceda, Texas Regional Manager

Location: Gillett, Texas

Task: Oil production is serious business in Texas, and when a local company decided to add new piping and equipment to upgrade an existing facility, having accurate data was vital for the project’s success. TruePoint Laser Scanning was selected to provide 3D laser scanning services to capture tanks, vessels, equipment, flanges, valves, exchangers, structural steel, pipe supports, and piping 2" and larger.

Challenge: An as built drawing of the facility did not exist. The client needed highly accurate data in a short amount of time to plan modifications to the site. Due to the size and complexity of the facility, a traditional survey would have been challenging, time-consuming, and potentially unsafe while accessing certain areas.

Solutions: Using industry-leading survey-grade Leica laser scanners, TruePoint obtained 3D laser scans to create a highly detailed and accurate point cloud. A total of 124 scans were captured with the Leica ScanStation P20, an ultra-high-speed 3D laser scanner that delivers high quality data for industrial as built documentation.

Deliverable: TruePoint professionals efficiently delivered accurate colorized point cloud files and a Recap Project RCP file to the client.

Added Value: Laser scanning systems provide invaluable documentation that can be used many times over throughout the life of a facility. The data obtained through laser scanning can be used as a management tool to help future planning and virtually eliminates the need for return visits to the site. Accurate measurements can be taken efficiently and safely from the point cloud data.

TruePoint Laser Scanning has extensive experience 3D laser scanning for the oil and gas industry. A highly experienced team of 3D laser scanning professionals deliver exceptional service, accurate data, and custom deliverables to expedite your project. TruePoint can quickly mobilize to your site and provide free project estimates.

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Leica ScanStation P20 captures 3D laser scans of the oil production facility.


3D colorized point cloud of project site captured through laser scanning.


Colorized point cloud plan view of the project site.


3D colorized point cloud of the project site.


3D laser scans capture tanks, vessels, equipment, flanges, valves, exchangers, structural steel and pipe supports at the oil production facility.

Efficient and Safe Site Capture with 3D Scanning

Leica ScanStation P20 captures intricate and potentially hazardous areas of the facility from a safe distance.