Design Intent vs. As-Built Models


TruePoint is a leading provider of 3D laser scanning services. We work closely with each client to provide the exact CAD deliverables to meet their virtual design and construction needs.

One of the first questions we ask clients is “Do you want create the perfect model reflecting the original design intent or a model to reflect the as-built field conditions?” When this question is understood and answered, TruePoint’s team of in-house engineers can create the best model for your project.

What is the Difference Between a Design Intent and As-Built Model?

DESIGN INTENT – deliverables will be shown as a "best fit" to the point cloud working within customary standards, such as walls being modeled 90 degrees perpendicular to floor, pipes and conduit modeled straight, floors and ceilings modeled horizontal, and steel members modeled straight. This will produce cleaner 2D drawings and will allow for easier dimensioning of the scan area. The deliverables will not exactly follow the scan data to maintain design intent standards. The majority of clients will want this option for their deliverables.

AS-BUILTS – deliverables will be shown as close as possible to actual field capture. If walls are out of plumb, pipes and conduit show sag, floors and ceilings are unlevel, steel members show camber, etc., this will be reflected in the model. This will produce reality-capture deliverables, but 2D drawings may show “crooked” or out of plumb lines, floors will be sloped or contoured, steel members may show camber, twisting or impact damage. Dimensioning will not be as easy due being out of plumbness/levelness, etc. This option should be used when the exact conditions of the scan area is imperative. Clients using the data for fabrication, forensic analysis, bolt hole patterns, camber/sag/deformation analysis, and similar needs would require this option.

For additional questions, call our office at 419-843-7226 or email Our field technicians and engineers are highly experienced and can help you determine the best 3D deliverables for your project.