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Construction Safety Week | May 1 – 5, 2023

Construction Safety Week is an annual event that helps us keep safety at the forefront of our minds. During the week, we discuss the best construction practices and share safety resources.

Our entire team is committed to the safety of your job site so that you can go home safe at the end of the day. The projects we proudly construct and design, the teams we work alongside, and the companies we work for are all built on safety. From the moment we step onto a job, it is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Safety is a value and common belief we all share. Our families at home depend on it. It’s up to us to understand the impact of our actions and guarantee that every decision, operation, and project is built on safety.

When you hire GPRS/TruePoint to locate utilities or 3D laser scan, you are choosing to develop your project on a good foundation. GPRS/TruePoint wants to partner with you and your team to increase awareness of the dangers associated with excavation, saw cutting, and core drilling.

What is your plan for Construction Safety Week?

Please reach out to your local representative if you are interested in GPRS/TruePoint presenting on your site or at your office.

From our team to yours, work safe!

    Steps for a Successful Safety Week

    1. Decide what safety topics need to be addressed for your company.
    2. Reach out to industry partners like GPRS/TruePoint to present on important topics.
    3. Plan and schedule meetings in the main office and on every job site.
    4. Begin to promote the Construction Safety Week event and topics to team members.
    5. Decide what safety topics need to be addressed for your company.
    6. Invite your sub-contractors to attend the different presentations and meetings.

      Ways to Partner with GPRS/TruePoint 


      GPRS/TruePoint can partner with your job sites by hosting a toolbox talk on safe excavation and digging or safe concrete sawing or drilling practices. Our experts can mobilize to your project(s) and present at a morning stretch-and-flex or in the job trailer or construction office.


      Allow GPRS/TruePoint to partner with you in developing a more robust and comprehensive ground disturbance plan. Leverage our expertise to ensure the plan is built on safety. Reduce your risk of damaging subsurface utilities, conduits, and post-tension cables.


      Your project management and safety teams are invited to participate in an educational Lunch & Learn. Topics for the presentation will include: ground disturbance best practices, coring and cutting best practices, the components of a safe utility locate, and how communication can ensure a project built on safety.


      Has your team seen what a comprehensive utility locate or 3D laser scan looks like? Our team of professionals can demonstrate what you should expect from your locating and scanning firm.

      In Conclusion

      Construction Safety Week is an annual event designed to raise the awareness of the industry's ongoing commitment to building a culture of safety through sharing best practices, tools, and resources at job sites and offices across the United States. Safety Week was founded by members of The Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) and the Incident & Injury Free Executive Forum (IIF) and now includes 70 of the top contractors in the industry, representing thousands of workers. Additional support comes from Safety Week sponsors, partners, and advocates.

      Please reach out to your local representative if you are interested in GPRS/TruePoint presenting on your site or at your office.

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        Has your team seen what a 3D laser scan looks like?

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        Bring safety to life by partnering with GPRS/TruePoint.