Can You Convert a Point Cloud to a Mesh?

TruePoint can create a 3D mesh in .fbx, .stl, .obj, and .ply file formats from a LiDAR point cloud. TruePoint project managers use industry-leading laser scanners to gather point cloud information from a project site. The point cloud is a spatial representation of the site or object. Millions of high-density points are collected by the laser scanner to provide the most accurate and detailed geometry.

In-house CAD technicians use the data set of x,y,z coordinates to generate a triangulated mesh from the 3D points using best-in-class software. Meshes are volumetrically accurate, high density and high resolution.

Meshes can be used for repairing or restoring scanned elements with fine, organic details that are otherwise difficult to reproduce in CAD. Meshes allow clients to view the object’s geometry inside a CAD environment without having to navigate a point cloud. Files are delivered in a compact, easy to use format.

TruePoint can convert a point cloud to mesh for:

  • Large statues, sculptures and artwork
  • Trees
  • Trains, cars and large objects
  • Building facades and elements for historical preservation or reconstruction
  • Sets for film and entertainment
  • Attractions at theme parks

All CAD work is done in our corporate office by experienced engineers and CAD technicians. For more information on converting point cloud to mesh files, contact TruePoint Laser Scanning at or 419-843-7226.

mesh of trees.png

3D mesh of trees.

mesh of animal.png

3D mesh of life-size statue.


3D mesh of car.


3D mesh of locomotive.

mesh of sculpture.png

3D mesh of large statue.

3d mesh building facade.png

3D mesh of building facade.