TruePoint used a Leica survey-grade scanner to reality capture the auditorium.

Case Study: As-Built Capture to Renovate Auditorium

Location: Laredo, Texas

Task: TruePoint provided laser scanning services for a 22,000 square-foot multi-level auditorium in Laredo, Texas. The client was renovating the seating, bathrooms, changing rooms, and designing an addition to the facility. The primary objective was to reality capture the seating, reflective ceiling, catwalk, stairs, ramps, walls, windows, doors, railings and floors. The client desired accurate measurements to design the renovation and addition.

Challenge: No as-built drawings existed. The size, height and complexity of the auditorium made manual measurements a challenging task. The client also needed critical tie points to plan for the new addition.

Solutions: TruePoint’s Houston scan technician used a Leica survey-grade scanner to capture the existing conditions of the auditorium. The entire area was documented so the architect could incorporate their design model with the point cloud to make sure everything was correct and had no clashes or obstructions.

Deliverables: The client received the registered point cloud in Revit 2017 and TruViews, 360-degree 3D photographs overlaid on top of the point cloud data.

Added Value: Once captured, 3D point clouds are complete digital record of a project space that can be referenced time and time again to answer questions about project measurements. The accuracy provided by the point cloud far exceeds hand measurement and is much quicker than traditional survey methods. Point clouds eliminate additional trips back to project sites because of the amount of data captured. This type of data is also highly valuable in design planning and clash detection.

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TruePoint provided laser scanning services for a 22,000 square-foot multi-level auditorium in Laredo, Texas.


Top view of auditorium point cloud.


Intensity map point cloud of Civic Center Auditorium.


Cross section view of Civic Center Auditorium.


Isometric view of Civic Center Auditorium.


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