3D Scanning Helps Create a Virtual Reality Sinkhole Experience

Leica P40 laser scanner acquiring target points inside staging area of cave simulation exhibit.

Case Study: 3D Scanning Helps Create a Virtual Reality Sinkhole Experience

  • “The laser scans of the jagged, rocky sinkhole exhibit were vital for creating an authentic and realistic simulation experience."
  • - Karl Hofmeister, Scan Technician

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Task: The National Corvette Museum made international news on February 12, 2014 when a sinkhole collapsed inside the Skydome portion of the Museum in the early morning hours. Our client, who specializes in creating projection mapping, was hired to create a simulation of the 2014 sinkhole collapse that occurred. Using 3D laser scanning, TruePoint was hired by the client to capture roughly 200 sq. ft. of the rocky, cave-like surface texture of the walls, ceiling and floor in the exhibit.

Challenge: A sinkhole collapse simulation will be projected on the walls, ceiling and floor of the existing exhibit to create a realistic experience for visitors. The goal is for visitors to experience what happened on the morning of the infamous collapse from inside the sinkhole. In order to achieve a high level of realism, surface scan data must be as accurate as possible to effectively replace and upgrade the existing simulation experience.

Solution: Using an industry-leading P40 Leica Laser Scanner, TruePoint professionals performed multiple 3D laser scans of the 200 sq. ft. area to provide the most accurate data possible for projection mapping.

Deliverable: Our in-house team of engineers delivered colorized point cloud files in .RCS format to the client. They also generated three 3D mesh models with different densities (.OBJ file format) containing basic elements for the client to incorporate into their projection mapping video simulation.

Added Value: Without the use of 3D laser scanning technology, the client would have no way of accurately measuring the jagged, uneven surfaces inside the exhibit. With our files, the client was able to efficiently and accurately produce a professional, true-to-life simulation for the Museum.

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Leica P40 ScanStation running a scan of cave simulation exhibit.