3D Scanning Expedites Conveyor System Upgrade

51946 Jetstream sm.png

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Project Manager Insight: “Our client’s conveyor system upgrades took a fraction of the time thanks to the scan to BIM model created by TruePoint.” Karl Hofmeister, TruePoint Project Manager

Task: A concrete and construction materials supplier tasked TruePoint with providing a laser scan point cloud and 3D Revit model showing the structural components of a multifaceted conveyor system. The supply yard consisted of approximately 47,500 square feet of outdoor space.

Challenge: As a structural consultant, our client had been asked to analyze the current aging conveyor structure. Under a strict timeline, the goal was to determine the integrity of the current system and design any modifications necessary to bring the system up to a safe and operable condition before the start of the next busy season.

Solutions: Using state-of the-art laser scan technology, TruePoint provided a comprehensive 3D representation of the conveyor system. The 3d model documented all structural steel components; load bearing items including the conveyor rollers and their respective attachment configurations; all concrete footings and associated connection points, and any other general components that could be affected by the modification of the overall system. A total of 37 scans were taken on the project site using the survey-grade P50 Leica laser scanner.

Deliverable: TruePoint Scanning delivered a fully registered intensity map point cloud, Jetstream Viewer files, and 3D Revit model to the client.

Added Value: By performing laser scans of the target area, TruePoint established a baseline for the client to begin their work. Without having to visit the actual job site, the client could begin the structural analysis from their computer using the 3D model provided. A trip to the site was only necessary after compiling a comprehensive list of items to verify in the field. Why TruePoint?

For 3D laser scanning services in Ohio, call 419-843-7226 or email info@truepointscanning.com. TruePoint is a leader in 3D laser scanning, providing as built drawings and scan to BIM services for buildings, plants, facilities and sites. We provide architecture, engineering and construction professionals accurate data and exceptional service to expedite design planning, prefabrication, asset management and facility modifications.

51946 Jetstream sm.png

Conveyor shown in JetStream Viewer.

site image 2 v3.png

Leica P50 ScanStation capturing the lower end of conveyor system.

site image 4 v2.jpg

3D scanning the lower end of the conveyor system and hopper.

site image 2 v2.jpg

Leica P50 laser scanner capturing the upper end of conveyor system.

51946 High Res Scan sm 3.png

Intensity map point cloud of the site.

51946 High Res Scan sm.png

Intensity map point cloud of conveyor system.

Screenshot_2_PC sm.png

Colorized point cloud of the upper end of the conveyor system.


Corresponding 3D model of upper end of the conveyor system.

Screenshot_4_PC sm.png

Colorized point cloud of the conveyor system.


Corresponding 3D model of the conveyor system.

Screenshot_5_PC sm.png

Colorized point cloud of project site.


Corresponding 3D model of project site.