TruePoint laser scanned dual vessels, approximately 50' length and 6.5' diameter.

Case Study: 3D Reality Capture of Dual Vessels for Mitigation

  • “The reality capture scans that the TruePoint team delivered enabled the client to save time and money through accurate specifications for prefabrication of repairs." -- David Sauceda, Texas Regional Manager

Location: Near Shreveport, Louisiana

Task: TruePoint was hired to provide 3D laser scanning reality capture services for an industrial chemical and service company located near Shreveport, Louisiana. Existing conditions were to be captured for two 50' length and 6.5' diameter vessels, associated piping (2" and greater), all pipe supports, flanges, valves, structural steel and grade.

Challenge: One of the two vessels contained a leak. The client required precise data in order to effectively mitigate the leak. An accurate reality capture point cloud was critical for effectively evaluating the pipes, and overall construction of the vessels.

Solutions: Using an industry-leading, survey-grade Leica laser scanner, technicians from TruePoint’s Texas office efficiently captured the existing conditions of the vessels. This data provided the client with the necessary documentation for an accurate investigation of the vessels, related piping and area noted.

Deliverable: The in-house team of engineers at TruePoint provided the client with intensity map point cloud files (.RCS), and JetStream Viewer (.JSV) cloud files.

Added Value: The data provided by the 3D laser scans helped determine the source and location of the leak. The point cloud provided a dimensionally accurate baseline data set for the client to measure the equipment and compare to design models for proper field fabrication. Armed with various types of data, the client was able to accurately prefabricate replacement parts removing any guesswork, saving time and money.

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Leica laser scanner performing a site reality capture of dual vessels.


A sample intensity map point cloud file of the site.


A sample isometric view of dual vessels.


Top view of existing conditions at the facility.


Point cloud with dimensionally accurate baseline data set for the client to measure the equipment and compare to design models for proper field fabrication.


Site Map showing scan locations, the icons are hyperlinks into the TruView space where clients can see a view from the scanner’s location.