3D Laser Scanning SoFi Stadium For 2022 Super Bowl Mixed Reality

sofi stadium.jpg

Location: SoFi Stadium -- Inglewood, California

Task: TruePoint 3D laser scanned SoFi Stadium for our client, The Famous Group, to create a mixed-reality experience for the Super Bowl. Using the RTC360 laser scanner, TruePoint's project manager 3D laser scanned the stadium and our in-house team of CAD technicians delivered an LOD 200 Revit 3D model for augmented reality use.

The stadium has 70,240 seats — which can be expanded to 100,240 for major events like the Super Bowl — 260 executive suites and a unique design to protect from potential seismic activity. Additionally, a 2.2 million-pound Infinity Screen by Samsung video board is suspended from the roof over the field.

SoFi Stadium by the numbers

  • 298 acres.
  • 3.1 million square feet.
  • 70,000 seats, expandable to 100,000 for major events and concerts.
  • 100,000 tons of steel and cable installed.
  • 260 luxury suites.
  • 13,000 premium seats.
  • 23 elevators, 40 escalators and 2,638 doors.

Solution: In 2 days on site, TruePoint's project manager documented the as-built conditions of the stadium. Using the RTC360 laser scanner, TruePoint 3D laser scanned SoFi stadium, including the field, goal posts, sidelines, end zone, walls, tunnel entrances, scoreboards, concourse, stairs, stands, and suites. An intensity map point cloud and LOD 200 Revit 3D model was delivered for augmented reality use.

Deliverables: All deliverables are created in our corporate office by experienced engineers and CAD technicians. TruePoint delivered the following to the client:

  • Colorized Point Cloud in .rcs file format
  • Revit 2021 LOD 200 3D Model of Stadium

Added Value: For more than 20 years, The Famous Group has created mixed reality and augmented reality for Fortune 500 brands, professional sports events, esports, concerts, festivals and retail environments. Super Bowl Sunday is an opportunity to showcase this cutting-edge technology before a global audience.

For information on 3D laser scanning for mixed reality applications, contact TruePoint 3D Laser Scanning at 419-843-7226 or info@truepointscanning.com.

sofi stadium.jpg

TruePoint 3D scanned SoFi Stadium to create a mixed-reality experience for the 2022 SuperBowl.

sofi 3.jpg

A point cloud is the step before an accurate 3D model of the real world is created.

sofi 1.png

Top down view of 3D Revit Model.


Close-up of the 3D Revit model.

Screenshot 15.JPG

3D model of stadium exterior in Revit 2021.

Screenshot 3.JPG

The LOD 200 Revit 3D model is for augmented reality use.

Sofi Stadium 14 sm.png

All deliverable creation work is done in our corporate office by experienced engineers and CAD technicians.

Sofi Stadium 13.png sm.png

The field, goal posts, sidelines, tunnel entrances, scoreboards, stairs, stands, and suites were 3D laser scanned and modeled.

Sofi Stadium 4 sm.png

Autodesk Viewer screenshot of 3D model.

Sofi Stadium 3 sm.png

3D laser scanning provides a 3D model for mixed reality.