Hiring a 3D Service vs. Scanner Rental vs. Purchase

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Experienced 3D laser scanning companies work quickly and efficiently, plus stay up on the latest trends in software, technology, and workflow.

You have a few options when it comes to 3D laser scanning a project site:

Option 1: Hiring a 3D Laser Scanning Service

If you are just starting out with laser scanning or don’t plan to use laser scanning often enough to justify the purchase, hiring a 3D laser scanning service provider may be a good choice. An experienced 3D laser scanning company is able to provide accurate field documentation and more insight to the nature of a project than someone using laser scanning equipment for the first time. Experienced companies offer faster and more efficient work and stay up on the latest trends in technology, workflow and software.

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Option 2: Renting Laser Scanning Equipment

We do not rent scanners at GPRS. However, many companies provide this service. Renting a 3D laser scanner can be a quick means of documenting as-built conditions. Many companies offer 3D laser scanning rental programs for high definition scanning equipment and point cloud processing software. If you can’t yet support a purchase based on your scanning volume, renting could be a perfect way to reduce costs, increase your margins and test out your success. Rentals are also a good option when you need a specialized laser scanner that you might not use on an ongoing basis. There’s no need to worry about servicing or maintaining the equipment and the latest model can be selected. A major downside to renting equipment is knowing how to use it. Time can be wasted learning to use the equipment, in addition to time and money spent fixing mistakes which can arise from improper use. Note additional charges such as targets, tripods and shipping. Most scanner rental companies also require proof of insurance and account pre-approvals.

Option 3: Purchasing Laser Scanning Equipment

If you have a continuing need for laser scanning, then buying a laser scanner is the best solution as long as you have trained staff that can optimize its use. There is a significant learning curve to attaining proficiency in 3D laser scanning. It is a capital investment, but it can cut costs, and allow you to respond quickly when laser scanning opportunities arise. Take note of additional investments such as purchasing software, hardware, firmware, training, maintenance and calibration year-in and year-out.

Why Do I Need a 3D Laser Scan?

3D laser scanning is the most effective solution for measuring and documenting the existing conditions of an environment. Laser scanning accelerates design planning, and cost estimation and scheduling, while reducing errors and change orders.

Why Call GPRS 3D Laser Scanning?

You are faced with crucial decisions on a daily basis. You need accurate architectural, structural, and MEP detail in point clouds, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D BIM models, so you can access exact building dimensions, locations, and layouts. 3D laser scanning is an unmatched facility documentation and management tool with benefits that will span the life of your facility.

You can trust our team to provide the best experience in laser scanning by walking you through the entire 3D laser scanning process from pre-planning through project completion.

We offer a consultative approach to project management, working with you to ensure our data, maps, and models are the perfect solution for your project. The data delivered is accurate within millimeters, and the maps and models provide complete as built and location data.

Our elite team of Project Managers is required to complete an extensive training program before performing field services on your job site. Every Project Manager completes 80 hours of classroom training and 320 hours of field mentoring.

All GPRS team members work together to help you Intelligently Visualize The Built World® to help you reduce change orders and costs so that your projects come in on time and on budget. We are the best at what we do because it is all we do.

For more information on hiring a 3D laser scanning service, contact GPRS today at laser@gprsinc.com or 419-843-7226.

What can we help you visualize?

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3D laser scanning delivers accurate architectural, structural, and MEP detail to expedite project planning and reduce the risk of change orders and project delays.