Intensity Map Point Cloud of building interior walls

Case Study: 3D Laser Scanning for preservation and re-building

Location: Whiskey Row – Louisville, Kentucky

Task: Forensic scanning of remaining historically-significant building structure after a fire destroyed most of the building to assist with historical preservation and the re-building process.

Challenge: After the fire, the buildings needed to be structurally reinforced in order to avoid further damage and collapse. As the re-building process begins, the general contractor needs to understand as much about the remaining walls as possible to determine what will remain, how it will be reinforced and how the existing and new structures will interact with one another. Due to the fragile status of the structure and the time and equipment that would be necessary to manually field measure and inspect the remaining building, traditional means were not economically feasible nor safe.

Solutions: Since laser scanning can be completed from the safety of the ground and a distance from hazards forensic applications can be an excellent fit for this non-contact measurement technology. In addition, no man lifts or scaffolding need to be utilized to capture the high level of detail, even to capture information on the top portions of the structure.

Deliverable: For this particular project, the client only needed an intensity map point cloud. Over 2.2 billion measurements were taken on the exterior walls and front façade to capture, in great detail, exactly how the building remained after the fire.

Added Value: The general contractor placed survey control around the site to assist with their on-going restoration process. During the scanning process this survey control was occupied giving the GC existing Northing, Easting and Elevation coordinates on each and every one of the over 2.2 billion measurements of the building. In addition, this work was completed while demolition and other construction activities continued on and around the site and did not require the rental of man lifts or scaffolding to capture the information.

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Picture of front facade from the interior showing temporary structural support system


View of raw scan data showing post-fire structural supports to shore up historical distillery building


View of front facade and interior walls & temporary support beams


Case Study Featured in WHAS 11 abc Article