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3D Laser Scanning for Building Redevelopment

3D laser scanning quickly collects accurate measurement data of the current as-built conditions for any redevelopment project. Point cloud data is used to create a 3D model and assist with the design phase. This architectural client utilized TruePoint 3D laser scanning and 3D BIM modeling services to expedite the planning, construction and redevelopment of a vacant hotel.

Location: Tyler, Texas

Task: Two Architectural Firms joined forces to renovate a vacant hotel.

Project Application: Laser scan and 3D model a 15-story hotel and adjacent parking garage for building redevelopment.


  • The restoration called for renovating and converting the 130,000 sq. ft. property to create 100 residential units.
  • Most floors of the building were completely gutted, with only the exterior envelope and interior circulation core remaining.
  • With two architectural firms, this project involved many professionals and much planning before a shovel ever hit the ground.


  • The developer was investing $30 million in this construction project, and requested an as-built model in a cloud-based platform to document, view, and plan for building renovations.
  • With a 3D model, the architectural team was able to view the existing conditions at the onset of the project. The team then updated the model as needed throughout construction.
  • The 3D model allowed the firms to communicate construction requirements to the general contractor.


  • 3D laser scanning captured accurate as-built details of the deteriorating conditions of the vacant building.
  • The architectural team relied on the 3D model to plan for the restoration while keeping historic elements intact.
  • The 3D model improved communication and collaboration across a large and diverse project team.

    Images for the Renovation of a Vacant Hotel

    vacant hotel 1.PNG
    vacant hotel 6.PNG
    vacant hotel 5.PNG
    15 story hotel 3D BIM model
    vacant hotel 3.PNG
    3D Laser Scanning of a Hotel