3D Laser Scanning Aids Mixed Reality Experience for the Carolina Panthers

  • Carolina Panthers debut mixed-reality Panther at Home Opener

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Task: TruePoint 3D laser scanned The Bank of America Stadium and a Panther Statue for The Famous Group and the Carolina Panthers to create a mixed-reality experience for the home opening football game vs. the New York Jets. According to VRScout, “Those in attendance at the game were treated to a mixed reality experience that included an enormous virtual panther skulking menacingly throughout the Bank of America Stadium. 70,000 fans watched as the digital feline leaped from the center of the stadium and up onto the Jumbotron. At one point the panther used its teeth to rip down a mixed reality Jets flag before tearing it to shreds on the field.”

Solution: In 1 ½ days on site, TruePoint’s project manager documented the as-built conditions of the stadium. Using a Leica P40 ScanStation, point cloud data of the interior field, stadium bowl, seating and upper rigging area was captured. CAD technicians used the point cloud data to create a Revit 2021 LOD 200 3D model of the stadium. The panther statue at the front of the stadium was 3D laser scanned to create a triangulated 3D mesh model in .fbx file format for the animation/CGI. Meshes are volumetrically accurate, high density and high resolution.

Deliverables: All deliverable creation work is done in our corporate office by experienced engineers and CAD technicians. TruePoint delivered the following to the client:

  • Colorized Point Cloud in .rcs file format
  • TruView/JetStream Viewer files
  • Revit 2021 LOD 200 3D Model of Stadium
  • 3D Mesh File of Panther in .fbx file format

Added Value: The Famous Group is the company behind the mixed reality, augmented reality (AR) or CGI panther. The animation of the virtual panther was made in Unreal Engine and rendered within a live feed of the real world. The camera operators have to track and follow the animations of the panther in real time as it moves around the stadium, like camera operators would with an actual living animal. To give the panther virtual objects to climb on and interact with, TruePoint created a 3D model of the stadium. In addition to TruePoint Laser Scanning, The Famous Group offers thanks to their technology partners Quince Imaging, Zoic Studios, Epic Games, Unreal Engine, stYpe, Field Day Sound and Pixotype for helping bring the Panther to life.

This is just one example of the work of The Famous Group. Check out this video of a giant mixed reality raven made for the Baltimore Ravens. And this video of how it used mixed reality to highlight top NFL players for Super Bowl 2020.

For information on 3D laser scanning for mixed reality applications, contact TruePoint 3D Laser Scanning at 419-843-7226 or info@truepointscanning.com.

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3D Laser Scanning the Carolina Panthers Stadium

Bank of America Stadium in Autodesk Viewer.


LOD 200 3D model of Stadium in Revit with transparency.


3D Model of stadium exterior in Revit 2021.


3D mesh model of Panther used for augmented reality experience.