3d laser scanning water treatment plant

Digital twin of facility, screenshot shows structural, MEP and overhead crane.

Case Study: 3D Laser Scanning a Water Treatment Plant Pump Station

  • "In three days onsite, TruePoint was able to capture the facility’s complex piping and equipment with very minimal shadowing, giving our modeling team the information they required to create a highly-detailed 3D as-built model." - Nate Baker, Northeast Regional Manager

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Task: TruePoint performed high definition laser scanning services for a water treatment plant pump station to capture existing structural and MEP features. Our team of in-house engineers generated an Autodesk Revit LOD 300 Building Information Model (BIM) of the project site.

Challenge: Our client was planning for a complete mechanical rehabilitation of the facility and requested 3d laser scanning services and Building Information Modeling (BIM) from TruePoint to expedite the design and execution of this project.

Solutions: TruePoint’s experienced laser scan team 3D captured all exposed columns, floors, walls, ceilings, stairways, platforms, and MEP equipment and piping ½" in diameter and above, including pumps and valves. TruePoint provided a tie-in to topographic survey and processed the data on survey control established for this project. TruePoint’s CAD technicians broke the model into individual discipline models containing existing MEP features with material type assignments.

Deliverable: TruePoint delivered registered point cloud data in real-world coordinates in RCS, RCP and E57 format, black and white TruViews (high-resolution panoramic images) at each of the scanner setup locations and a 2018 Autodesk Revit LOD 300 model of the site.

Added Value: Custom-built advanced Revit families were created for all the varying features so that each layer could be selected or de-selected depending on which portion of the model was being analyzed by the client.

TruePoint scan technicians offer superb project administration and management, schedule management, budget and invoice management, internal quality assurance, and implementation of appropriate safety protocols.

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3D visualization of structural details.


2018 Autodesk Revit LOD 300 model of the site.


Close-up of restrained joint.


TruePoint creates digital twin solutions to easily aggregate, query, visualize and analyze data in a single 3D model.


MEP close-up in 3D model.


Existing conditions model of Water Treatment Plant Pump Station.


Close-up of values, pumps and gate valve, color coded by system.