TruePoint Laser Scanning was selected to 3D laser scan a production line in a manufacturing facility.

Case Study: 3D Laser Scanning a Manufacturing Facility Production Line

Location: Houston, Texas

Task: TruePoint Laser Scanning was selected to high definition laser scan a production line in a manufacturing facility. The client needed high-level details on the conveyor system, equipment and associated piping where the product was bottled, labeled and packaged. Capturing the as-built conditions was necessary to make upgrades to the line.

Challenge: The client needed accurate measurements on the existing conveyor and belt system. Its size and complexity made it difficult to measure by hand. Capturing the critical tie points was important in planning for system upgrades, but could not be easily determined using manual methods.

Solutions: Using a Leica C10 ScanStation, 50,000 data points per second were laser scanned at accuracies of 2mm-4mm and distances of 300m. TruePoint captured existing conditions in the plant and the client incorporated point cloud data into their CAD model to design a new belt system. TruePoint’s Texas group, headed up by Regional Manager David Sauceda (dsauceda@truepointscanning.com), completed scanning in 2 days on site.

Deliverables: TruePoint created colorized point clouds (.ptg file format) indexed in Recap (.rcs files) to provide to the client. The client could then incorporate the aligned point clouds into their design model to make sure the new belt system fit properly and there were no clashes.

Added Value: Not only is the Leica ScanStation the most accurate way to capture 3D point clouds (Leica Geosystems is recognized as the industry standard in plant scanning), but the solution also has the best software tools (Cyclone) to post-process the point cloud data.

3D laser scanning offers a faster and more accurate approach to data collection and is a cost-effective method for creating as-builts of a facility.

If you have a project in Texas where 3D scanning services are needed or would like to learn more about the benefits of laser scanning, contact David Sauceda in our TruePoint Laser Scanning Texas office at 713-818-2799 or houston@truepointscanning.com.


Over 20,000 square feet was 3D laser scanned in 2 days on site.


TruePoint delivered a colorized point cloud (.ptg file formats) in Recap (.rcs files) to the client.


The Leica ScanStation is the most accurate way to capture 3D point clouds.