3D Laser Scanning a Historic Church for Restoration

  • Fly-Through Video of 3D Colorized Point Cloud of Historic Church

Location: Glandorf, Ohio

Task: Our client needed accurate as built documentation to complete a $1.2 million restoration and improvement project for a historic church. The 1875-built church in Glandorf, Ohio was the largest Roman Catholic church built at the time. Built in Neo-Gothic style, it contained a 225-foot spire, beautiful statues imported from Austria and stained-glass windows imported from Germany. In 2017, the church underwent a 3-month historic restoration and improvement project. The project involved preventive measures including fiber-glassing the interior walls, painting and installing updated storm windows to protect the stained glass. In addition, damaged sections of the archway and niches were repaired and a ceiling was lowered in the vestibule to highlight a stained-glass window.

Challenge: Our client provides historic restoration services, and is dedicated to providing excellence in conservation and restoration. To complete the restoration of the church, the client required accurate CAD drawings with precise measurements of the structural and architectural elements.

Solutions: With a Leica P40 laser scanner, TruePoint quickly captured the structural and architectural details of the church’s interior with 92 laser scans. 3D laser scanning captured full spatial and color data with high detail and precision.

Deliverables: The client received 2D orthographic sheets for floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, and sections. Also, intensity map point cloud files, PTGs, were delivered for use in many CAD packages.

Added Value: Laser scanning can capture extreme detail for even the most intricate buildings easily. 3D laser scanning delivered a valuable dataset to the client. Intensity map point cloud files provided digital visualization. 2D CAD drawings were created from accurate scan data.

TruePoint has extensive experience in 3D laser scanning churches, theatres, hotels, courthouses, state capitols and other notable structures for historic preservation. For 3D laser scanning services in Glandorf, Findlay or Lima, Ohio, call 419-843-7226 or email toledo@truepointscanning.com. TruePoint Laser Scanning is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio with offices nationwide and can quickly mobilize to scan your project.


2D orthographic sheets of this church were delivered to the client.


2D floor plan created of the historic church.


Section plan of church cut on a horizontal plane showing details accordingly.


Reflected ceiling plan showing key information about the ceiling of church.

intensity map 1.JPG

Intensity map point cloud of church.

intensity map 2.JPG

Intensity map point cloud of church.