3D Laser Scan Data for Forensic Solutions

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How to Get the Highest Quality 3D Visuals for Accident Sites

In this post, we answer your questions about 3D laser scanning and show how this technology supports our clients in designing state-of-the-art visual solutions that help them settle their accident sites and incident scene cases faster.

Q: What industries have you conducted inspections for?

We have documented accident sites and incident scenes with accurate distance and angle measurements, which are important for the reconstructionist or the forensic specialist. TruePoint can construct customized deliverables, such as 2D orthoimages or fly-through videos to offer viewpoints for any location within the scene. We are a nationally recognized leader in the laser scanning industry, providing 3D laser scanning and scan to BIM services to support accident site and incident scene cases.

Q; What are some of the considerations when inspecting a large environmental area? More specifically, a roadway or busy intersection?

Be sure to define the target area for data collection and communicate it with your service provider. Each laser scan is line of sight, many scans may potentially be needed to completely document a large area. This can be completed quickly though, as the scanner captures millions of data points from each scan location in a few minutes.

For busy intersections or roadways, scanning can be completed safely from the side of the road at a precautionary distance. By repeating the scan from additional positions and then merging the resulting data, a comprehensive 3D point cloud of the site is created. Let your service provider know if you would like vehicles removed from the data. Most moving vehicles become “blips” in the data and can be cleaned during registration. Stationary vehicles could be more problematic as they may block pertinent data from being captured behind the vehicle.

Be sure to define what is needed for the site, for example, would you need deliverables such as:

  • Point cloud data
  • 2D CAD drawings
  • 3D models
  • 2D orthoimages
  • HD videos
  • HD photos

We are constantly working on improving the quality of visuals that our team creates for your cases. It is truly extraordinary how fast this technology has advanced just within the past few years. TruePoint continues to work with state-of-the-art techniques that make our data collections and measurements more accurate than ever before. When using the data collected to develop forensic animations, we know that it will be of the highest quality - and tell the story of your case down to the millimeter detail.

We partner with High Impact and DVI Forensic Laboratories team of visual strategists, artists and developers to build and customize your digital presentation for any case involving accident sites and incident scenes - or any sites involving complex information.

Source: Forensic Solutions: How to Get the Highest Quality Visuals | High Impact® Visual Litigation Strategies™