Newsletter June 2018


From the Desk of Ryan Hacker:


Avoid Mistakes with Accurate As-Built Data

Mistakes inevitably happen in construction projects. 5-12% of construction costs are wasted on rework, schedule delays and downstream clashes according to the April 2018 AEC Industry Report. The key to successfully mitigating most problems is catching them early in the design and construction process. The good news is that this is easier than you may think!

3D laser scan technology provides accurate as-built data improving design, planning, construction and cross-team collaboration. TruePoint specializes solely in 3D laser scanning and modeling. We have highly trained and experienced technicians who collect accurate data and a team of in-house engineers who can customize deliverables for your project.

3D Laser Scanning Solutions for Your Project

TruePoint has provided 3D laser scanning and modeling services for some of the best-known companies, specializing in many industries, offering nationwide service and fast mobilization. A team of in-house experts complete your project on time and on budget. Below are just some of the areas we specialize in. For more information call 419-843-7226, visit or email


As-Built Documentation

Accurate as-built documentation showing exact dimensions and locations proves to be invaluable in design, construction, renovation, prefabrication and facility modifications.

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BIM Modeling

Point cloud data is used to develop an intelligent BIM model, giving AEC professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

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Construction Laser Scanning

Accurate existing building conditions is essential for construction planning. Data can also be used to compare the newly constructed work against the as-designed model or drawings.

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Historical Documentation

Creating accurate as-built models or drawings of historical buildings, architecture and objects is a quick non-invasive process with 3D laser scanning.

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Oil & Gas

Refineries, process areas and distribution facilities can be documented, including structural and MEP features; equipment and piping down to ½ inch diameter.

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Drone Services

With two licensed pilots on staff, TruePoint offers aerial drone video and photogrammetry services, providing data acquisition in large, hard to reach or dangerous areas.

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Power, Process, & Plant

Receive accurate and reliable data documenting the interior and exterior of buildings; structural, MEP features; furnaces, equipment, conduit and piping down to ½ inch diameter.

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Telecommunications & Transmission Lines

Inventory, document and model telecommunication towers or telephone lines quickly, accurately, safely and cost-effectively.

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Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants

Document 40 MGD to 1 BGD Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, including foundations, structural and MEP features, equipment, conduit and piping down to ½ inch diameter.

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"I was very impressed with Zach Jones who scanned for us on the Marietta, Ohio project. He was extremely courteous, well prepared and very good in front of the clients. He went the extra mile to help us get the scanning completed in a tight window. We will definitely use TruePoint in the future."

– K. Grant, Project Engineer