Equipment For Sale



  • Scans 360,000 point per second
  • Range of 60 meters with 4mm accuracy
  • Infrared sensors for thermal imaging
  • 360° cameras
  • Sale Price: $11,500. This includes the scanner, 2 lithium-ion batteries, battery charger, AC/DC adapter, tripod and mission bag.

Faro S-150

  • Scan rate of 976,000 points/second
  • Range from 0.6m up to 150m
  • Distance accuracy up to ±1mm
  • Onsite compensation and registration
  • HD photo overlay up to 165-megapixel color for use inside Autodesk Recap
  • CCP/Warranty is paid to 3/31/20
  • Sale Price: $50,000. This includes the scanner, tripod, extra battery, backpack, and premium kit of sphere targets - over $70,000 worth of equipment.
  • Note: Price does not include a Scene software license, that must be purchased directly from FARO.

Leica ScanStation P20

  • Scan rate of 1 mio points/second at
  • Maximum range up to 120 m
  • 3D point accuracy of 3mm at 50m
  • Target acquisition up to 50m
  • Capable of taking photographs
  • Sale Price: $38,500.

Call Ryan Hacker for more details: 419-843-7226.