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Leica ScanStation P20

  • Scan rate of 1 mio points/second at
  • Maximum range up to 120 m
  • 3D point accuracy of 3mm at 50m
  • Target acquisition up to 50m
  • Capable of taking photographs

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HDS7000 - $39,000

Ultra-high Speed Laser Scanning with Extended Range

Within the practice of using 3D laser scanners to remotely capture detailed, "as-is" geometry of structures, sites and scenes, phase-based scanners are known for their ultra-high scan speeds and their high level of detail. Adding to this basic speed capability (> 1 million points / second), the HDS7000 phase-based scanner provides important "next level" performance features for demanding professionals, making it the industry's best phase-based scanner.

HDS7000 Benefits

  • Higher Productivity - Ultra-high speed scanning and a 360x320 field-of-view combine with longer useful range for fewer setups and less scanning time
  • More Robustness - Operate with confidence from -10°C to +45°C, in harsh environments with a reliable, "encapsulated mirror" design and a safe class 1 laser
  • Better Data Quality - Best combination of high accuracy and low scan noise at longer ranges for any phasebased scanner
  • Better Usability - A user friendly touch screen and compact design with integrated battery and data storage make it easy to use
  • Renowned Leica Geosystems Support - The laser scanning industry's largest, most experienced, and most knowledgeable support team

Call Ryan Hacker for more details: 419-843-7226.