Assess Buildings After a Natural Disaster with TruePoint Laser Scanning

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Natural disasters cause extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure. From hurricanes and tropical storms to earthquakes and tornadoes, the effects are immediate. Buildings and sites can be full of potential safety hazards. These are just a few of the damages you could be facing – buildings have shifted, gas and water lines are leaking, and structural elements and exterior elements need replaced.

A rapid, detailed, and accurate infrastructure assessment is necessary after a natural disaster to capture a full and clear picture of the damage. TruePoint can quickly collect data and assess your building or site with 3D laser scanning and BIM modeling services.

3D Laser Scanning for Building Assessment

The physical damage caused to buildings and other infrastructure can be documented using 3D laser scanning. Every point of the building or site is captured and mapped onto an XYZ coordinate system for intelligent visualization to remove any guesswork from decision making.

Quickly receive as-is existing conditions site information virtually via point clouds, 2D drawings and 3D models. Critical existing conditions information helps contractors and engineers expedite construction planning using the real-world building data as the foundation.

TruePoint can be the first step in helping you rebuild after a natural disaster. Project managers can quickly quote projects and mobilize to any location quickly. Our approach offers quality data that is virtual, catalogued, and secure.

It is important that damage is properly assessed and documented. Call TruePoint Laser Scanning today to conduct a full inspection and assess the current level of damage.

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