3D Scanning

Above and Below Site Documentation for HVAC Upgrades

Location: Los Angeles, California

Task: A California high school required 3D laser scanning of the above-ground and below-ground infrastructure to create 2D CAD drawings and plan for HVAC system upgrades throughout the campus.

Project Application: The client required precise documentation of the surrounding structural elements and subsurface so they could design piping, reinforcing and coring in the least invasive way.


  • A 12-year-old high school was replacing the piping on 16 HVAC units throughout the campus.
  • The piping for these units intricately runs in and out of buildings, and through retaining walls and mechanical yards.
  • The areas that they thread through do not have any as-builts or existing plans.


  • Using the Leica RTC360 laser scanner, in less than 2 hours on site, a project manager captured elements of the surrounding campus and GPR markings.
  • This project was laser scanned in full color, allowing the client to easily visualize and identify structural elements, pipes, conduits and concrete reinforcement points inside the point cloud.
  • CAD engineers created 2D AutoCAD floor plans and exterior elevations, PDFs with and without the point cloud overlayed.


  • The combination of laser scanning structural and ground penetrating radar markings provided the client a high-definition 3D comprehensive view of the campus, both visible and invisible.
  • With 3D laser scan data, the client can verify the HVAC mechanical equipment with confidence knowing high accuracy instruments minimize position error throughout the 3D space.
  • The client has the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information to design HVAC upgrades.

Project Manager Testimonial:

As-built documentation of the high school campus and GPR markings can be captured quickly and accurately to plan for HVAC system upgrades. -- Chris​ Sanford | Business Development Manager | Southern California

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    3D Scanning
    Above and Below Ground Data 3D Scanning
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