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3D Laser Scanning Sculpture for Renovation

Project Manager Insight: “Our client expects accurate as-built data of this sculpture. That’s the only way he will be able to prefabricate replacement parts.” John McGuire, TruePoint Project Manager.

Location: Kansas City, MO

Task: One of Kansas City’s most prominent pieces of outdoor art, the Triple Crown, was being renovated and reinstalled. The 85-foot-tall piece, a tri-polar web of stainless-steel tubes and cables, was lowered off its’ footings for repair and cleaning. A regular inspection found some stress points in the connections atop each pylon, the first time since it’s installation in 1991 that a repair was needed. TruePoint 3D laser scanned the sculpture to measure the length of each tube to prefabricate replacement parts.

Challenge: This project held two challenges. First, the surface is stainless-steel and completely reflective. This type of surface can cause the light to be distorted in such a way that it interferes with the data acquisition process. Second, there's no real "reference point" but three primary cylinders on each end of the sculpture assembly. Each cylinder is held in place by an end cap and several holes attached to taught cables. The entire assembly is in "tension" at all times. In addition to the stress points, when the sculpture was taken off the footing, a crane bent one of the cylinders and the entire structure lost integrity. The client’s goal is to replace the damaged parts and clean the sculpture.

Solution: Adjusting the exposure settings on the laser scanner will compensate for the stainless-steel surface and capture better scan data. At each scan location, the TruePoint scan technician took one scan at low sensitivity and a second scan with high sensitivity. Also, with little solid backdrop at the site, scans were taken at multiple positions to ensure site data was completely captured. Once the data is registered and a mesh model created, the architectural medal fabricator can create the necessary replacement parts.

Deliverable: TruePoint’s team of in-house engineers used the point cloud data to create a 3D mesh model containing architectural elements of the sculpture.

Added Value: The client plans to conduct a 2nd laser scan of the sculpture once it is reassembled for any future work.

TruePoint has experience 3d laser scanning sculptures, statues and monuments. For laser scan services in Kansas City, Missouri, call 913-912-0318 or email

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TruePoint 3D laser scanned the Triple Crown sculpture to prefabricate replacement parts.

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A 3D mesh model (.obj file format) containing basic architectural elements was delivered to the client.