Colorized Point Cloud of a McDonald's Sign

Case Study: 3D Laser Scanning of Utility Placement at a Restaurant

Location: McDonald’s restaurant located in Toledo, Ohio

Task: TruePoint Laser Scanning was to use their scanning equipment and follow behind Ground Penetrating Radar Services as they marked out underground utilities on the ground. TruePoint would scan and capture their findings, which would also include the topographical and surrounding features of the area (building, signage, etc.), and deliver them into a 3D CAD model.

Challenge: The ground penetrating radar company marks utility locations on the ground surface with paint or chalk, both of which are only temporary. As a result, if utility locations are needed again in the future, the ground penetrating radar company would need to be called back to the site to re-locate the same utilities.

Solution: TruePoint used their state-of-the-art 3D laser scanner and was able to easily create a 3D model of the entire property, including the building, sidewalks, signage, parking lot, landscaping, utility poles, topography, as well as any other necessary features. They also captured the locations of the utility markings at the same time. The scan allowed them to create a permanent, electronic version of the property and its utility locations. The utilities can be located by taking measurements from any point in the 3D model to the point of the utility marking. This allows for complete versatility in referencing a utility location from any other appropriate point on the model.

Deliverable: The scanned data was made into a 3D point cloud of the entire property. The point cloud can be used in CAD software or can be turned into a 2D site plan, outlining the utilities and property features.

Added Value: Laser scanning created a deliverable that is a permanent record of the utilities, saving the client money by avoiding the need to hire a firm to re-locate the utilities time and again. Additionally, this documentation allows for complete versatility in the future when locating these utilities, since any point of reference within the model can be used to measure from.

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Scan Technician Gathering Point Cloud Data