3D Gaming & Software Development

Creating more realistic and more engaging video games is easier with the use of 3D laser scan technology. TruePoint can take real-world objects and spaces and create dimensionally accurate computer versions of them. Millions of data points are collected with laser scanners providing software developers with an incredible amount of detail. The speed of laser scanning allows for locations to be captured in 3D quickly.

TruePoint captures information about a building structure or site in a point cloud file and then uses that data to create deliverables that are useful to software developers. These deliverables can range from the raw data itself to 3D models and 3D photographs. The ability to quickly create copies of locations significantly reduces the time and cost to model and creates a very realistic model. Point cloud data can also be used for creating special effects.

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  • “It’s so incredible to see how laser scan data is being used to visualize things in a way that would have been impossible 10 years ago. ”
  • - Ryan Hacker, President of TruePoint Laser Scanning